Top 10 Moments in Gaming

Over many years of gaming we have had many amazing and breathtaking moments that have really captured our hearts and left us stunned in shock. But what are the greatest among them?

We’ve put a list together of what we believe to be some of the best and greatest moments in gaming history. – WARNING: Major spoilers ahead! (You have been warned)


10. Super Mario Bros. – “Our princess is in another castle!”

Possibly one of the most famous scenes on the list and in fact of all gaming history: the moment when Mario finally defeats Bowser and you think you’re about to get your princess back, until…

“Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” So Mario has to go off again and try again and again in Bowser’s multiple castles, to finally find his beloved Princess Toadstool.

This brilliant gaming moment really stumbled players, as the game seemed like it was over and you were about to rescue the princess. Until suddenly you realized there was more and you would have to beat many more levels until you could finally rescue her, each time receiving the same message until you got to Bowser’s final castle.


9. Resident Evil – Dogs through the windows!

For those who have played the first Resident Evil, no one will forget their initial experience with the zombies, or that of the zombie dogs. Out of nowhere, several dogs smash through the mansion-house windows ready to attack Jill Valentine.

Widely regarded as one of the best moments in Resident Evil, as this was the “first zombie” moment, it gave gamers such a shock as they came in through the windows out of nowhere and made you jump every time. It’s a truly memorable moment of the Resident Evil franchise.

This moment is one of those memorable moments in gaming, of which no matter how many times you play the game, the jump-scare and fear factor are still just as impactful as the first time.


8. Super Metroid – The Metroid Baby Sacrifice

This is the most unexpected moment in the Metroid franchise. As Mother Brain is about to defeat you and fire her final attack, the baby Metroid flies in and attacks Mother Brain and protects you as she fires a power attack.

The baby Metroid is killed, which left many players stunned and confused. But Mother Brain was not yet defeated, and with the power beam you’re finally able to kill Mother Brain.

It is by far the greatest moment in the Metroid series, purely because of the attachment Samus and the player have to the baby Metroid and what it means to the story. This creature that was taken from you by Ridley when it was just a tiny baby, then later returns to save you while sacrificing itself in the process.


7. Portal 2 – Wheatley’s Betrayal

As you and your “faithful” companion Wheatley finally defeat GLaDOS and replace her with him, you begin to ascend to freedom… Until Wheatley begins to chuckle and soon turns into evil laughter and the lift suddenly stops.

You are lowered back down into the chamber, where it is revealed by GLaDOS that he is a dampening sphere that was designed to reduce her intelligence.

Now with the moronic Wheatley running the facility, things quickly break down as you are smashed down a pit by him and plunged deep into the depths of Aperture Science.

The music in this scene is possibly the best soundtrack of the entire Portal series. Titled “I am not a moron!”, it really sets the mood for each moment that passes and makes your heart sink at the moment of his betrayal as you suddenly realize what he has become.


6. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – You Are Revan

Throughout the game you are fighting for the Republic against the main antagonist of the game, Darth Malak. Over time you learn of Malak’s past and how betrayed his former Master, Darth Revan.

As possibly one of the biggest shocks in gaming history, in the conclusion of the game it is revealed that the player has been playing as Darth Revan all along, and he was brain washed by the Republic to help them against the Sith.

After dozens of hours playing with all the time put into and leading up to it, Bioware pulled it off just right. With a great combination of cinematic moments, great atmosphere and amazing experience before the fact, it had a huge impact on gamers and is still one of the best shocks in gaming history to date.


5. Bioshock – “Would you kindly?”

Bioshock’s “Would you kindly?” is the pinnacle of the game when you find out that you are a slave and have been programmed to be commanded by the phrase “Would you kindly?”.

Certainly one of the greatest narrative impacts on the list as you are commanded to kill Andrew Ryan, a beautiful plot twist and a particular play on illusion of choice in the game. The game is based around your choices and is one of the key factors in Bioshock, however having the “Would you kindly?” phrase introduced made an interesting switch between choice and command.

At the pinnacle moment before killing Ryan, he says “A man chooses, a slave obeys.” As Ryan tries to break Jack from control, however fails as Jack beats him to death with the golf club.

The “Would you kindly?” phrase was so strong that Fontaine even tried to force Jack to commit suicide, however was unsuccessful due to Tenenbaum helping Jack remove the trigger. Due to its power and sheer effect it is certainly one of the best moments in gaming.


4. Dead Space 2 – Intro

The entire introduction of Dead Space 2 is widely considered one of the best moments in gaming, purely for its amazing scripting, shock-factor and amazing set up.

You begin by talking to a doctor about a recurring nightmare you are having, and about your dead girlfriend as he tries to get information about what happened in the previous game. You then fall into a nightmare and then wake up tied in a strait jacket. You are about to be rescued by Franco, until he is suddenly pounced upon by a Necromorph and undergoes the gruesome transformation in front of your own eyes. You then have to escape completely defenseless, still tied in the strait jacket.

This is possibly the best moment ever in the Dead Space series as it is truly terrifying and horrific. Seeing someone become a Necromorph just inches from your face and is certainly one of the greatest and most memorable moments in gaming.


3. Mass Effect 2 – The End Run

The end run of Mass Effect 2 is one of the greatest victory moments in gaming (or failures, depending on how you played) and as you rescue your squad mates from the fallen rubble you begin your retreat. The music in this moment is possibly the best of the Mass Effect series and really makes you feel a sense of victory.

During Harbinger’s final attempts to stop you as you and your squad mates flee the Collector base, you are chased by Seeker Swarms and fired upon by the remaining Collectors. Harbinger’s voice over adds the final touch, and he begins with “Human, you’ve changed nothing.” He says this as he rallies the Collectors upon you, later releasing the Collector General and telling Shepard they’ve failed and the Reapers will find another way.

Everything just fits perfectly in this scene and is truly memorable to all those who have played the Mass Effect franchise and is widely considered the best moment in the series.


2. Mortal Kombat – “Finish Him!”

What could be more recognisable than the trademark “Finish him!” from Mortal Kombat? This is the finishing point of all the Mortal Kombat games and all the finishing moves are gory and very over-the-top, so much so that it was one of the main influences that made the ESRB rate games like it does today.

Once “Finish him!” is heard it’s time to finish off your opponent. Some methods of finishing moves were easy to pull off, while others were much harder and required perfect timing. To this day there has been no better way to humiliate your opponent.

This is one of the most recognisable, iconic and incredibly controversial moments in gaming history.


1. Final Fantasy VII – Aerith’s Death

Of all the deaths in gaming history, how is Aerith’s death in Final Fantasy VII any different? Well unlike most games where it’s a minor impact or shocking moment, Aerith’s death hit gamers hard.

The reason this death scene is so effective and is the greatest moment in gaming, is the fact that it’s not just Cloud who you feel sympathy for, but you, yourself had spent countless hours invested in her and so much effort, only for her to be whipped away from you at the final moment.

It is possibly the most emotional and most powerful moment in gaming, which is why it deserves number 1 on our Top 10 Moments in Gaming list!