Report: Significant Lay-offs in Valve’s Hardware Divsion

UPDATE: Valve’s director of business, Jason Holtman, has also departed the company Develop reports.

ORIGINAL STORY: Numerous employees have been let go by Steam maker Valve according to reports by Gamasutra.

The exact number of redundancies is unclear but the terms “great cleansing” and “large decisions” are being tossed around. Gamasutra is reporting that 25 employees may have been sacked but this has not yet been verified.

The lay-offs appear to be in Valve’s hardware and Android development divisions.  Seemingly confirming the rumours Jeri Ellsworth, who worked at Valve’s R&D department earlier today tweeted this:

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It is unclear how these layoffs will affect the company and the development of potential hardware, including the widely speculated ‘Steambox’.