PlayStation 4 Controller Will Feature A Front Touch-Pad

According to VG247 the upcoming PlayStation 4 controller will feature a front touch-pad, instead of the rear touch-pad that had been previously reported. In order to accommodate such a feature the start and select buttons have been moved around.

VG247 says that the shape of the control still “more or less” resembles the current DualShock model. However, the L2 and R2 buttons have been remodeled, but such a change will “be for the better.”

Edge’s previous report that the controller would feature a “share” button that would allow users to share gameplay videos or  post screenshots from the internet has been proven false, says VG247.

Rumors are running rampant at the moment, and are building major hype leading up to Sony’s big event taking place next Wednesday, where the company is expected to reveal their new console. Like many other gamers out there, I can’t wait till Sony’s official announcement so that all these rumors can be put to rest.

(Via VG247)