Sony Patents Nex Generation Vita, Could Have 4G and HDMI

Update: Several users have e-mailed us to let us know that the patent number is false and has nothing to do with Sony or Vita. However, the rumors below are new and have just surfaced earlier this morning. Take it with a grain of salt but these are new rumors.


A new patent and design has been found containing a look at a possible new Vita design or the next Sony handheld.

Most likely this points to a reveal on the 20th or during E3 about a 4G Vita with new features. The patent is under serial number 55977 in the US.

With a price cut most likely coming sometime after E3, this may confirm that a price tag of $249 will stay on a Vita but it will be for this brand new 4G model equipped with HDMI and what seems to be a new USB port.

Below is the picture of the patent and you can clearly see that Fig. 2 is labeled as “Next Generation PS Vita”.


Click for full size.


Sources for Gamerxchange say that this model could launch alongside not only price cuts but also some cheaper memory cards, which is something Vita owners have been asking for.

More details to follow.