Report: System Shock 2 Could Possibly be Released on Steam and Good Old Games

*UPDATE* Looks like the rumors were true! System Shock 2 has officially been released on Good Old Games for $9.99.

In news that has made retro gaming fans giddy, unnamed sources have hinted at a possible release for System Shock 2 on platforms like Steam and Good Old Games.

System Shock 2 is a horror shooter many consider to be the spiritual sucessor of  BioShock that has been virtually unavailable for years since its release. The unnamed sources responsible for this supposed report has mentioned that the game is currently in the hands of Night Dive Studios, a company that boasts its ability to find “classic, abandoned, and forgotten PC games and bringing them back into the hands of gamers.”

No solid confirmation of the game’s eventual release is known at this time, leaving us to mere rumors and supposed reports. Keep it locked here for further developments as they roll out.

(Thanks PC Gamer)