5 Exclusives That Will Be Better On The PS4

Over the past seven years we’ve seen a lot of new series, established series, and one-off games make a grand stand on Sony’s PlayStation 3. With the upcoming, and inevitable, announcement of the PlayStation 4 I believe it’s time to start thinking about how Sony’s exclusives will prosper on the new console.

We all know Sony has been the master of exclusive titles this gen and I think we can expect much of the same with the PS4. It doesn’t matter if another console has more exclusives than Sony in the coming years because we’ve seen the company establish great titles and series with the PS3 and it is hard not to expect to see them back on the PS4.

You’ll surely see the usuals: Uncharted, Motorstorm, and God of War but the following five are the ones I think will prosper the most with the next gen.


inFamous 3

The inFamous games are great open world titles. The ability to wield lightning and change the city with your decisions is great but think about the possibilities on the next gen.

First off, the way you change the city can be even more apparent and important. Perhaps Cole’s decision during a mission could mean the destruction of a city block and any side quests in that area or key characters that happen to be in the quest or just walking around it are gone for good. What if Cole decides to take it upon himself to kill an evil businessman using his company to control the people of the city and the end of the business means rioting people due to job loss? Events like this in the city would pose new challenges for Cole to deal with and, of course, bring up new decisions.

I’d love to be able to see Cole rise to the power of a dictator and take over an entire city with his decisions. Seeing Cole on a throne at the top of the tallest tower in a city as a lightning storm rocks the area would just be a seriously badass ending.

The next console will allow inFamous to have a much bigger city, tons more citizens, tons more decisions, and a wide range of different endings depending on what you do through your journey. I want Cole to be a completely mold-able character that lets me branch out in different ways instead of just a good and bad ending.

Also, keep bringing on the supernatural DLC!



Killzone 4

I really think Killzone is the best first person shooter series out there on consoles. It gives you that feeling that you’re in the midst of a bloody and violent war and that you’re fighting for something. It isn’t just a pick-up and go mission-based series. Killzone has you pitted against terrible odds and tries its best to make you want to fight for these characters and survive.

To expand on that, I think Killzone also has the best chance to make MAG’s concept work the best. I liked the large scale battles that MAG had, they felt frantic and unique. The thing missing, though? Epicness and emotion. I didn’t care what happened in MAG but put large-scale battles in Killzone 4 and all of a sudden you’re fighting against 60-100 Helghast bent on your utter destruction. These mimic the same Helghast that you are fighting against that are aiming to destroy your way of life and kill every last one of your friends on the battlefield.

I don’t know about you but that would be enough for me to give a hoot about what’s going on online. It also would make me want to log on and perform my daily duties to my faction in epic battles with over one hundred people on a server. The PS4’s network is definitely going to take into account anything that may have held it back or could have been better and you have to know that they have MAG on the mind for crazy online games featuring tons of players.



LittleBigPlanet 3

To be honest with you, I’m not a big fan of LittleBigPlanet. I thought it was cool that you could create just about anything your LittleBigHeart desires but I didn’t find much joy in it. At many times I felt lost. As creative as I can be, I just didn’t feel like creating levels so I found myself going through the campaign and downloading levels.

The problem with that is that I had no direction, whatsoever. The campaign was easily beat and it just wasn’t very interesting. After downloading all the achievement-helping stages and some cool things off the network, there wasn’t much to do. So what I’m hoping to see in LittleBigPlanet 3 is that they take out the campaign and single-player story-stuff out completely and focus on creating a new and easier system to create levels. However, I don’t want just levels. Why not let us create games?

I’m thinking RPG Maker to the umteenth level here. Give us a system that anyone could use and let us import and code systems (like RPG Maker) to create amazing original games and throw them up on the network. Can you imagine creating old school 8-bit RPGs with little Sackmen and Sackwomen in pixel styles? How about Grand Theft Auto type games?

I’d focus my time on creating a Star Ocean-type game with the system while combining the Djinn system from Golden Sun and throwing in some elements from Ni No Kuni such as using the summons from the Djinn system as familiars and the expansive overworld. If I could do this easily in LittleBigPlanet 3 with the adorable Sack-people in my own custom skins, I’d be all over this game. I don’t care about Marvel or Final Fantasy costume DLC. I want to be able to create bigger, better things at a quicker and easier pace.

Hell, something like this would be console buying worthy.



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale 2

There was something off about All-Stars that made me not care about it. Probably the fact that I just didn’t care about getting hit, dodging, or trying to survive at all. This game is all just a race to Supers and executing them. That’s really the only thing that matters and to me that took all of the fun out of the game.

I wanted to try and not bring up this game but in Super Smash Bros. there’s a point to damage. You have to try and control how much you’re taking and if a certain attack will be enough to send you flying off the edge. There’s nothing like that in All-Stars. The only thing you really need to worry about is if something has a 2 or 3 stage Super and at any moment they can take you down. I also wasn’t a fan of how some characters are just way better than others and a lot of 3-stage Supers are automatic kills no matter what.

With Superbot cut off from Sony, they have a great chance to capture the magic everyone felt from the original announcement but have it continue on in the actual gameplay.

All-Stars 2 needs a ton more stages, a larger roster with more 3rd party stars, an adventure-like campaign featuring the rivals and a familiar boss for each character, some kind of collectible strung out through the game (maybe costumes, equipable gear, etc.). Let us customize our characters with some gear and try to come up with the best combo for each of us and the characters. Also, give a meaning to battles aside from hitting each other, building up the Super bar, and unleashing them.

This can all happen and I think Santa Monica studio is the right team for the job. This could be the defining fighting on the PS4 if done correctly.



Untold Legends 4

Way back when I got the PSP, I was so excited for Untold Legends and I got really into it. It wasn’t the best game and the sequel was way better but I’m a sucker for dungeon crawlers. Fast forward to 2007 when I got my PS3 and I fell in love with Untold Legends all over again. I know these games aren’t the most loved but a lot of gamers these days are a-wishing and a-hoping for something similar to Diablo to be out on consoles. Why not reboot Untold Legends or continue it?

Having a next gen Untold Legends gives Sony a chance to take the dungeon crawling demand by storm by creating a huge world with expansive class features and skill systems. A new Untold Legends should also utililze the expansion system and bring in new story arcs, enemies, bosses, stories, classes, skills, and features.

Sony has a demand from their fans for some loot fests and dungeon crawling, why wait for Blizzard to finally give consoles some love and then pray to every deity that Microsoft doesn’t shower them with pocket money for timed exclusive content or system exclusive DLC? Utilize a series you already own and have some lore for and expand the hell out of it.

Untold Legends has a chance to really take the genre by offering a deep and expansive experience with 4-player online and local co-op, a full trading and auction house system, and PVP.