Upcoming Beta Tests to Sign Up for Now

Elder Scrolls Online


Closed Beta (requires acceptance after sign up)

The Elder Scrolls online is an MMORPG set in, well, the Elder Scrolls universe. ZeniMax, sister developer of Bethesda has opened up their Beta to selected players. Not everyone will get accepted, but their sign up sheet has an indicator that shows how likely you are to receive an invitation based on the information you provide.

Dust 514


Open Beta (anyone can play after sign up)

One of the few betas that’s currently open, anyone that signs up in time will get a chance to try Dust 514 before it comes out. This free to play game for the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita can be signed up for using your PSN account.



Closed Beta (sign up with Origin account)

 SimCity has already had a Beta weekend in January. If you missed out, or weren’t accepted there’s another Beta weekend starting February 16th. Do note if you were accepted into the first Beta, and want to try the game out again you will not have to reapply. Sign up is easy if you have an Origin account, just sign in and the rest will be done for you.

Command and Conquer


Closed Beta (sign up with Origin account)

Another free game that’s about to release their Beta, Command and Conquer: Frostbite 2 is currently accepting players to try the game out. Just like the SimCity Beta all you have to do is log in with your Origin account and you’re good to go.

Know of any other games opening up for Beta testing? Help your fellow gamers and share them in the comments below.