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I remember when I first bought the Game Boy Advance way back when. I had already gotten the game “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” for it a week in advance (Heh. In advance for the Advance). I can also remember how incredibly fun that beautiful game was and the endless hours I poured into beating it. One of the greatest parts of that game, and the dozens of other Zelda games, are the masterfully crafted dungeons. These dungeons are obviously the inspiration for the iOS game Bit Dungeon. When you start the game you can instantly see the similarity. You begin in a small cell with nothing but a health potion (Used instantly and automatically when touched, as well as throughout the game) and a conveniently placed sword with minimal power. Upon exiting the small room through the also conveniently open door, you are faced with a few measly little monsters to defeat. After fighting your way through one room, you receive a key and  must choose a door to another room filled with more monsters and yet another key. Lined along the corners of each room are breakable containers that hold potions, chests, or nothing. Once you finally reach the end of the dungeon’s map, shown in the right corner of the screen at all times, you are faced with a boss, bigger than any of the other monsters or mini bosses with a large health bar, and an equally large attack damage. Once this boss is defeated you move on to the next dungeon and fight all over again, this time with the addition of an elemental rune attached to your weapon. You get stronger, fight tougher monsters, and get better gear.

You found the master chest! Oh wait, wrong game…


The gameplay itself is very enjoyable with a few minor flaws. The controls themselves can get annoying at times. In order to move about, the player must tap the spot on the screen they want to move or attack. This can be useful for fast attacking, and not bearing the player down with six buttons jammed on a little iPhone screen like a lot of games today, but when one has large fingers such as myself, it can be hard to see what you are tapping or the text above a selectable item, and it would be nice to see an optional alternate control scheme. The “one item only” way this game plays makes each treasure chest the player discovers a weighty choice. Should I sacrifice power for critical hit chances? Should I have more defensive armor or try to collect a complete set for an armor bonus? Sometimes when you kill an enemy a black coin will fall out, which can be spent in shops hidden around the maps, making it easier to find powerful weapons and armor sets for a price. Every dungeon is randomly generated and comes in a variety of themes. Each theme contains a different set of enemies. Mini-bosses as well as bosses are just colossal versions of their tiny cohorts. Winning against these giant bosses gives a feeling of satisfaction and a rare weapon or armor piece, and after four bosses the player is rewarded with an ultra rare item. I got a vampiric chest plate that sucked health from every enemy I hit. Just AWESOME!

I HATE those archers with a deep passion.

The music is hit an miss and was buggy at times for me. Occasionally when entering a new dungeon the music would glitch and stop playing for a time, which is a real shame because it was great music. Should this be fixed in a bug fix I might be happier with the sound. The fighting and monster sounds are spot on and brought me back to those Zelda games I used to play on the Gameboy Advance.


I might have died a couple times just because I didn’t want to give up my skeleton helmet for a stronger one. It looks so awesome!

This game provides a stunning old fashioned dungeon crawler with extraordinary randomized dungeons and enemies and kept me coming back to beat my own high score and see how far I could get in a dungeon. I became immersed in collecting every armor piece and the most powerful weapons in the game and found my battery on my phone jumping from 67% to 20% because I just couldn’t stop playing. The small bugs and the minor control flaws shouldn’t stop anyone with a few extra bucks burning a hole in their pockets from buying this game. So if you have the bucks and want a fun action RPG game, give Bit Dungeon a try. It’ll be worth it.

This game provides a stunning old fashioned dungeon crawler with extraordinary randomized dungeons and enemies, and kept me coming back to beat my own high score of how far I could get in a dungeon.

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Gameplay - 9
Sound - 7
Presentation - 8


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