Check Out This Sims 3 Content While You’re Waiting For University Life

In a few recent releases, The Sims Store revealed some interesting new packs, namely a pair of very large and detailed sets that could help players complete the feel they are looking for given some of the new traits introduced in The Sims 3: Seasons and The Sims 3: Supernatural.

With The Sims 3: University Life coming up, why not get back into the game with some fresh new content now while you wait?

To start with, I’ll point out the massive set that is Palace of Versailles.  Currently on sale (until February 21, 2013), this set contains 32 items that can help you make your Sim’s mansion in the hills of Bridgeport appear that much more… palatial.  The image above shows the summary of the set, which provides every piece of clothing needed to make an excellent appearance at a ball, thrown in your honor of course.


There is also a huge set of clothing to help your Sims celebrate Mardi Gras in the classic ragtime style.  Trousers with suspenders, several gorgeous dresses straight out of the twenties, and even a sweater vest outfit for your boys.  The set comes with three new hairstyles to match the time period, and coat-and-vest outfits for the guys.  Make your Sims look dapper before heading to the bistro or lounge.

Also in the Mardi Gras vein, there is a free party pack with three flashy and colorful clothing items to let you play with Bourbon Street fashion, including a headdress for the ladies and a jester hat for the guys, as well as a two piece Mardi Gras outfit for those girls looking to get even crazier on Fat Tuesday!


Finally, a few other notable downloads.  A new, sleek nursery set makes decorating the kids room not so tedious and bothersome, with a new changing table and a new crib to accent it.  This pack may be worth it to those who are looking for something a bit more modern for the toddler and infant’s bedroom, beyond the base game’s sparse crib offerings.

Next, a new venue was released not long ago to accent the Monte Vista release.  The Al Fresco Street Market features a new premium item, the produce cart, to the game, and has a touch of Italian flair.

Finally, the partnership with Toyota brings us more free Prii to buy in game.  Can never have to many options for cars, especially those as recognizable as the Prius.  The download package comes with several functional decorative pieces as well as the Prius family of cars.

Links to download pages: Palace of VersaillesRagtime in the Big Easy, Happy Mardi Gras!, Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes, Al Fresco Street Market, The Prius Family Collection

Source: The Sims 3 Store

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