Impossible Studios Closes; Infinity Blade: Dungeons Officially On Hold

Epic has announced today that they are officially shutting down Impossible Studios, a team they recruited in August of 2012.  Impossible Studios was mostly made up of ex-staffers from Big Huge Games, which was essentially blown up from the fiasco of 38 Studios.  Epic’s move to pick up a lot of developers from Big Huge Games to start a new company was heralded as a Good Samaritan act at the time, so it seems completely insane that they are closing them down after only 6 months.

A message from Epic founder Tim Sweeney states the reason Impossible Studios was closed was because, “…ultimately it wasn’t working out for Epic.”  He goes on to state that Infinity Blade: Dungeons is indefinitely on hold.

One can only speculate what the problem was between Impossible Studios and Epic.  But from the outside looking in, this just seems crazy.