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Another Sim City Beta Will Be Available February 16

For those that missed the initial Sim City beta, you’re in luck.  Maxis has announced that they’re going to have a second closed beta, but will only last 24 hours.  It’s going to start at 6 AM PST February 16 and go until 6 AM the following day.

The reason it’s only 24 hours is because this beta is specifically for testing out how the server is going to handle large quantities of people.

People who’ve already registered for the first beta don’t need to register again, but there is no guarantee that they will gain access to this second beta.  The deadline to apply for the second beta is 6 AM PST February 11.  This beta will only be available to the PC, and people can sign up at Maxis’ official website.  Sim City is set to launch March 5th for the PC, and sometime in early 2013 for the Mac.