Wikipad Downsized To Seven Inch, Still As Powerful

The Wikipad, previously scheduled for launch in early Winter, has resurfaced after being delayed.  Gamers around the world can rejoice about the reason for the delay now, too: the developers have decided to focus first on a smaller, but just as powerful model, and they’re selling it at half of the original proposed price.

The original model was going to be a 10″ model, set to retail at $500.  While the 10″ model is still in the works, a 7″ model is now the main focus in the development, and they plan to release at a price point of $249.  It will be available at leading retailers (likely Best Buy, Walmart and the like).

The allure of the Wikipad is its gaming centered performance design, featuring 16 GB of memory (with a microSD slot for additional space), an NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core processor for mobile devices allowing for high processing speed required of more high end games (the OUYA will be running using the same processor), and an aspect ratio of 16:10.

The 7″ device is more portable than the previously announced and still-to-come 10″ device, and it will come at a much more palatable price for gamers (and parents of gamers, for that matter).  It will feature access to PlayStation® Mobile, Big Fish Games®, TegraZone, Google Play™, OnLive, and more.  The attachable controller in tandem with Android Version 4.1 (JellyBean) makes for a unique experience.

The shape and size compared to other similar devices (like the Nook and Kindle, or the Vita and 3DS) makes the adoption of this one seem difficult, but the designers seem dead-set on making the device not only unique, but usable as well.

There will still be a miniHDMI out port that will allow the use of the device on a TV screen (given you have a long enough cable), which possibly puts this into competition with the OUYA, which is far less mobile (more portable).  However, the gaming experience will likely be judged by the mobile capabilities (including battery life, processing speed, graphical power, and ease of use) and the supported titles at launch and soon after.  Hopefully, soon before and after both the OUYA and Wikipad become available, more companies will start developing for dual-stick control and directional pads.

Notable currently supported games include Dead Trigger, Grand Theft Auto III and Vice City, Max Payne Mobile, and Assassin’s Creed.  A full list can be found on the Wikipad website.

What games would you like to see made available or given controller support on the Wikipad?

Source: Joystiq, Wikipad