The Good and Bad of Ouya’s New Console Every Year Plan

Earlier today Ouya’s founder Julie Uhrman announced that there will be a new Ouya coming out every year after the console’s big debut this June. This is major news. The Ouya is one of the first indie consoles to get this much hype. It started as a Kickstater project that raised over 8.5 million dollars, and will be available from big name stores like Best Buy and Target this summer.

The Ouya has been a fascinating story to follow for video game fans. It’s the first of its kind, and we’re all interested in seeing how successful the Ouya might be. Today’s new announcement is surely going to change the future success of this console, and it’s sequels. For better or worse, we don’t know yet, but we can speculate.

Coming out with a console every year is a bold move in the video game world, and for most gamers this news came with a shocking response. No other console makes a new version that often, and doing so seems like a terrible move at first. But in other forms of technology, like cell phones, tablets, and computers, coming out with a new model every year is quite common. And the Ouya uses the Anrdoid operating system, which puts them in an akward position between video game console and other forms of technology.

The good thing about coming out with a new console every year is the power and capabilities the Ouya will continue to have. Fans won’t have to worry that the games they’re playing aren’t the best they can be, because the Ouya will continue to release models using the best technology they can.

At the same time every new model of the Ouya will come with a $99 price tag. If you remember all games ported to the Ouya will either be free to play, or at least have free versions. So for $99 a year gamers can continue to play on an up to date technology console without having to spend money on every new game that looks interesting. If the games on the Ouya are good then this will be a much cheaper option than other consoles, even if you do have to upgrade every year.

There are some downsides, however. First off, while the new versions of the Ouya will be backwards compatible, the older models won’t be able to play all of the new games coming out on the new system. It makes sense, because the new games will be using new technology. But at the same time we’re going to see the same problem we did with Apple products. As soon as your technology is outdated all the new apps and games come out with new technology. Which means after a year of owning the Ouya there won’t ever be a new game released on it.

At the same the Ouya might be a cheap console, but it isn’t going to have the AAA titles that every gamer looks to play. It’s going to have a very different library of games, more indie titles and ported releases. $99 a year isn’t much, but it is if you still have to buy another console to play the big games that everyone else is talking about.

It’ll be interesting to see how this announcement affects the future sale of the Ouya. Of course their Kickstarter campaign has already resulted in thousands of sales, but that’s just for the first console. Honestly I think this announcement is going to hurt the Ouya’s future success. The first Ouya will take a slight dip in sales when it hits the store, and frankly unless the first Ouya is spectacular its future consoles will just sell less and less.