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The Best Upcoming Indie Game Releases of 2013

It’s hard to find upcoming indie games. They don’t have the exposure that AAA titles do because, well, they’re independent games made by independent companies. But if you’re falling into fandom of the indie genre here’s a couple key games to look forward to in 2013.


Prison Architect

I’ve been paying close attention to Introversion Software’s latest game for a while now. It was one of my picks for the next humble bundle 8 months ago. The general idea of this game is to build and maintain a prison. Simple enough. But Introversion Software has made sure to require players to take care of all of the prisoner’s needs, as well as the guard’s. Otherwise your prison will fall into chaos. And unlike other simulation strategy games disaster in prison architect is a whole lot worse.

Release Date: TBA (Game in Alpha, available for pre-order)


The Witness

Ever heard of Braid? If you’re an indie game fan than you must have. It’s that time reversing platformer that sold almost 500,000 copies on Xbox Live. Jonathon Blow has announced this new game he’s making called The Witness. It’s an exploration puzzle game that takes place on an uninhabited island, but besides that fans don’t know a whole lot more. Jonathon has been keeping things secret, as to not spoil the experience he’s trying to create. But from what little we’ve seen and heard it looks great, and this is a game you must keep track of.

Release Date: TBA


Desktop Dungeons

Here’s another game I thought that should be in the next Humble Bundle, and a game that I’ve been watching for some time. Just like the title hits at this is a dungeon crawling game that brings players back to the 2D pixel world. It’s got some interesting mechanics, like exploration that heals the player. It’s got the customization and randomness that every gamer wants in this kind of game, and when it’s fully released it’s sure to be a great old school dungeon crawler.

Release Date: TBA (Game in Beta, available for pre-order)


Chaos Chronicles

Here’s another game that’s a jump back to the old school games. Chaos Chronicles is an indie turn based roleplaying game that gives you that good old style gameplay with an updated story and graphics. Take a look at its steam page and you’ll see some features that might get you excited, like a very customizable character creation and mechanics that require you to get involved in Chaos Chronicles world. If you’re a fan of this old school genre this game is definatly worth watching out for.

Release Date: Early 2013


Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia is one of the many games coming out in the increasingly popular survival horror genre. It’s prequel, Amnesia: The Dark Descent got good reviews and pushed it’s indie studio, Frictional Games, into the spotlight. I was a big fan of the original Amnesia, even though it scared the hell out of me. It’s been announced that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs will not be a direct sequel. It’ll have a completely different story with different characters, but take place in the same world as the original.

Release Date: 2013



We’re not sure if this indie game is going to be released this year, but it’s one of the games I’m the most excited for. Maia is Simon Roth’s colony management game that puts players in the god’s seat to protect and expand a group of futuristic settlers on a hostile world. It’s inspired by Dwarf Fortress, like a couple other games on this list and is influenced by 70s Sci-Fi ideas and 90s old school simulation games. Maia is one of many new indie games that’s found success on Kickstarter, and when it does come out it’s sure to do great.

Release Date: Unknown


Project 2

If you haven’t heard of Amensia or Braid you must have heard of Limbo. If not you’re far behind in the indie video game world. Project 2 is the sequel to PlayDead’s Limbo, the super well received and immensely popular indie game that came out back in 2010. It’s been announced that this game will not come out in 2013, but it’s on the list because it’s one of the few games every indie game fan is looking forward to.

Release Date: 2014


Please Note: Indie game release dates aren’t announced as early as other major titles. Right now the majority of these games have only been announced to release sometime in 2013, but as they are announced this list will be updated.

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