Dead Space 3 Infinite Item Glitch Found and Detailed

So everyone has heard by now about EA’s new idea of micro-transactions within a single player campaign – which many fans of the series highly disagree with.

However, in the first day of its launch, players managed to find a glitch which allows infinite resource gathering. So in theory you can create every single item within the game.

So what is the glitch? – Near the end of chapter 8, you come across a small shack, which has a power generator and bunk bed inside.



Near the door, there is a randomly generated item. If you pick that up and then leave the room (so that the door closes behind you), you can then return moments later to find a new randomly generated item is in the same place you just received the other item from.

All you need to do is repeat this process as many times as you wish, and you have infinite resources at your disposal. However, bear in mind this is considerably time consuming, and repetitive.

So does this mean you will never have to invest in the micro-transactions? Well, sadly not, is the most likely answer. A glitch such as this is probably going to be fixed once ported onto the PC, and brought out in other regions. This is likely to be fixed on the consoles soon too.