Rumor: New Sonic Game Is Sonic Adventure 3

Back in late January, sources close to Sega informed the Sonic Stadium that a new Sonic the Hedgehog game for current and next-gen consoles would be announced in mid-February. The rumored game would feature similar Sonic-style gameplay from Sonic Unleashed (daytime stages), Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations. Multiple stage routes from the Genesis days would return, but this time around they’ll lead to different exits and levels; encouraging replay for the players. In addition to Sonic, multiple characters from the franchise would be playable again in the game. All characters will be able to complete any stage, but some will have an easier time than others, depending on their unique skills.

While all this Sonic news sounded juicy, no further information regarding the mysterious title has been released. However, a Netherlands writer for N1nintendo has revealed the name of Sonic’s brand new video game outing, which is actually a blast from the past if true.[blackbirdpie url=”″]

That’s right, the next installment of the Sonic the Hedgehog series will apparently be a third entry of the Adventure series. Now, As Marcel puts it, Sega could be using the Sonic Adventure 3 title as a placeholder until they find a name more fitting for the new game. With that in mind, six Sonic Adventure 3 domains were registered back in July of last year.

Regardless of the name, there has been strong evidence to suggest  a new Sonic the Hedgehog game is coming our way. Happy Tree Friends’ writer Ken Pontac, who co-wrote Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations, was credited for writing a new Sonic game in his listing on Animation on Display 2013. Rap artist Hunnid-P, who performed Knuckle’s music in Sonic Adventure 2, confirmed on Youtube he’s composing new songs for a new Sonic project. Hunnid-P’s involvement with Sega does lend a bit of truth to the Sonic Adventure 3 rumor, or at least shows Sega wants to recapture the Adventure games’ essence for the new one.

Right now the Blue Blur is enjoying a U.S. road trip courtesy of Aaron Webber of Ruby Eclipse and Sega’s Online Manager and Media Strategist, Kellie Parker. Could Sonic’ final destination lead to a press conference for the new game? Time will soon tell, if the original rumor is to be believed.



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