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Is Blacklight: Retribution Worth Playing in 2013?

Blacklight: Retribution is a futuristic FPS developed by Zombie Studios, and published by Perfect World Entertainment. The game was officially released on April 3 2012, and since then has received numerous large content patches.

Over the past 10 months since its official release, Blacklight has grown in popularity significantly, and with the ever-growing community the developers continue to add more great content.

Every couple of months, Blacklight receives at least one new map, along with various game modes that have been added, and numerous amounts of equipment and weapon upgrades.

So what makes Blacklight so different to the other popular FPS games, such as Call of Duty? – Well, Blacklight has many outstanding features that other modern games in the FPS genre clearly lack.

Its first noticeable feature is the HRV, or Hyper Reality Visor. At launch, this feature raised a few eyebrows because essentially what it is is a built-in hack for the game, because it allows you to see through walls and detect where other players are.

Howeve,r it is balanced by limited usage time (until it recharges), the fact you can’t use your weapons while the HRV is in use, and there is a short activation time period.

Blacklight also has many other unique aspects, such as the highly in-depth customization that the game has. You can change each part of your weapon, from the muzzle to the stock, and you can even customize how your character looks and what their stats are.

These things are not too common in other games of the FPS genre. The majority stick to pre-set weapons, and will often only use a level-based system for the most part of the game’s customization element. Blacklight, however, takes this one step further.

Blacklight’s customization is possibly the best I have seen in almost any game. Unlike the Mass Effect style of customization where you simply get a bar with red or green indication as to whether it is better or worse, Blacklight gives you stats.

The stats you see on the Blacklight customisation aren’t simple either. For example, it will tell you to .01 of a degree the angle a bullet could leave the muzzle. Just small part changes on your guns too, can make a lot of difference in how you play.

As you can see below, just changing the muzzle on a weapon allows you to change so much in terms of stats. Depending on which component you change, your stats change.

So is Blacklight: Retribution worth playing in 2013?

It offers far more than many other comparable FPS’s on the market today, and is free to play. It offers high end graphics, unique gameplay elements, and an immense amount of customization.

Blacklight: Retribution caters to almost any FPS player. If you like to just focus on the gameplay itself, you can buy premade weapons that have high level components in them right from the start, or if you prefer, you can customize your character down to the finest detail to make them exactly as you want them.

You can head over to the official Blacklight: Retribution website now and download it directly. Alternatively, it is available in the Steam store.