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David Cage: Games Focus too Much on “Violence and Adrenaline”

Quantic Dream’s David Cage has rebuked game developers for principally outing games focused around “violence and adrenaline” in an interview with UK magazine Games TM (via NowGamer).

Videogames can offer more than “heroes with big muscles fighting hoards of monsters” Cage commented adding:

“The games industry offers many games based on violence and adrenaline, which works for a certain audience but there is a huge untapped market of people who are not interested in shooting but would be willing to interact in a meaningful emotional experience.

“This medium is truly amazing because of how it can resonate emotionally with the audience. We are just discovering this potential and I am convinced that we will see more and more exciting titles based on totally new paradigms in the coming years.”

The veteran developer says 2009’s Heavy Rain marked a broadening of his perception of games as a medium and what they could offer.

Heavy Rain has been a major turning point for me,”  Cage, “it was the game that made me realise that it was possible to use this medium to tell personal things rather than talking about heroes with big muscles fighting hordes of monsters.

“It sounds obvious to any novel or film writer, but for most videogame writers it is still a territory that we hardly explore.”

The Frenchman went on to argue that many gamers think of story-driven titles as being “cerebral or boring” when compared to action games, and that Quantic Dream’s task is to “convince this audience that story-driven games provide a different type of entertainment.”

Cage pointed to The Walking Dead as proof of the diversification of the industry commenting “I believe that this is a very positive thing for the industry” and illustrates “a growing interest” in games that attempt to offer something different.

Quantic Dream’s next project, Beyond: Two Souls, is being released exclusively on PlayStation 3 at an as-yet-unannounced date.

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