Bullet Run Shutdown

Bullet Run Shutdown Confirmed

One of Sony Online Entertainment’s latest releases Bullet Run, which was developed by Acony Games, is on track for shut down on March 8 2013. This is due to the recent lack of players the game has been receiving.

With the game being released only 6 months ago (July 31 2012), anyone with any in-game purchases, such as weapons, will no longer have access to such items. This has proved to be a big issue thus far, as many have complained that they will no longer have access to their investments, as many have made micro-transactions within the game.

SoE have declared that everyone who has bought pre-purchased subscriptions will have the remainder refunded (from any time after January 31 2013).

At the current time SoE have announced “there is no plan to relaunch the game”. They have also announced they will be permanently shutting down the website and forums as well, which shows there is little chance for Bullet Run to ever be returning in the future.

It is also said that Acony Games will be keeping the source code, however they still say they have no plans to relaunch the game in the future.

There is also a “Grand Finale” promotion, although at the time of writing, there is no other official information released on this, other than the fact of the game commencing shut down on March 8. So whether SoE and Acony Games have something planned for their “explosive grand finale” is yet to be confirmed.