New Content For Halo 4 This Week

Continuing their support of the Halo 4 multiplayer environment, 343 Industries is releasing new content this week that may appeal to fans of the series, as well as new content relating to the specialization loadouts introduced in Halo 4.

To begin with, the newest episode of the cooperative campaign Spartan Ops, episode 8, becomes available today, Monday, February 4.  This brings another five missions to the first season campaign.

Next, which could be exciting for a certain set of Halo veterans, is the reintroduction of Doubles.  The new playlists will include three game modes: Infinity Doubles, Doubles Pro, and CTF Doubles.  Infinity Doubles matches are played to 300 points, and allows the use of custom loadouts.  Personal ordinance unlocks at the 70 point mark, and instant respawn and radar are enabled.

The Pro version of doubles includes preset loadouts, and disabled radar, instant respawn, and personal ordinance.  Otherwise, it still plays to the 300 point mark.  The four preset loadouts are as follows (all come with Resupply and Dexterity, the Magnum sidearm, and no armor bonus): DMR, BR, Light Rifle, or Carbine.

The CTF game mode features custom loadouts, radar, and a ten second respawn timer, as well as a balancing act for Doubles play that features five flag captures to win, with a three second return timer and a 15 second reset timer.  To make things even easier, your teams flag doesn’t even have to be at your base to score a capture.

Maps are being balanced and edited for doubles play, and the playlists will feature popular community Forge maps as well.  Consideration is going to players who do not play online as well, with the ability to choose on disc maps to play on doubles (with a few doubles tweaks).

Modifications will be made to the Capture the Flag game mode as well, including the addition of two maps to the playlist (Relay and Exile).  The flag reset time has been reduced for some of the smaller maps (Adrift, Abandon, Solace and Relay), down to 15 seconds.  Also, the Infinity CTF option will be enabled to allow the use of personal ordinance to change the way the game is played and add some flavor.

Finally, two new specializations have been announced and will be released soon, Rogue and Tracker.  From the Halo Waypoint site:

Rogue: Spartan optimization for single-operative missions which require a lone Spartan to be deployed on their own for incredibly long durations of time, even years if required. The Stability armor mod allows users to increase their aiming stability when being fired upon.

Tracker: Spartan optimization for long-range target tracking (trans-continent and off-world), particularly in scenarios where conventional tracking has failed or such a substantial time has passed that the trail has gone cold. The Requisition armor mod allows users the ability to recall their own ordnance requests in order to acquire more helpful weapons in the field.

Leveling will unlock new armor, emblems, visor colors, weapon and armor skins and armor mods.  The two new specs seem to support solo play more than a squad based feel, though in a true multiplayer situation, Tracker seems like it would be much more beneficial, with the ordinance recall ability.  However, snipers and other long range players rejoice, because the Stability armor mod will make it that much easier to obtain and stay on target, even under fire.

What of these new additions are you most excited to try?  Are you planning on leveling a new spec while playing CTF or doubles (or even CTF doubles)?  Let us know in the comments.

Sources: Softpedia, Halo Waypoint