A Star Trek Mass Effect Crossover? I’d Boldly Go Where The Mass Relays Take Us

We’ve seen great fan art before when it comes to crossovers including one hell of a submission for a Dragon Age/Mass Effect crossover.

This new one comes from the mind of DeviantArt user Jedi-Art-Trick and it has me excited and leaves me wanting more.

The thing that really compliments this crossover picture isn’t Picard in Shepard’s suit or Troi in the alternate Miranda suit, but that fact that Mr. Art-Trick remembered to give Captain Picard of the Normandy his cup of Earl Gray. It’s even hot. Now that is the sign of a fan.


Click for full size or visit Jedi-Art-Trick’s profile at the above link!


Jokes aside, this “Trek Effect” crossover is extremely cool. It gives a lot of ideas of what a crossover like this could be like. Sure, we have the Star Trek game based off of the 2008 hit movie coming out soon (finally!) and that looks just as intense and action-y like Mass Effect. However, how awesome would it be to command your own starship and influence the universe of Star Trek like Shepard did in Mass Effect? How awesome would it be to save the quadrant from a Borg invasion and along the way help civilizations out, stop other threats, make friends, make enemies, recruit new bridge crew, upgrade weapons, and find lore artifacts?

Just thinking about this kind of crossover is exciting. You could take a lot of series and crossover the characters of Mass Effect like we saw with “Dragon Effect” but the things that made Mass Effect the amazing experience it was are the sci-fi and universe saving aspects. Mass Effect revived the space epic and its decision making was not only felt across three games but every decision reverberated through the galaxy and its effects could be seen on planets hidden away in the corner of the Galaxy Map.

Just thinking of how this would all work in a Star Trek format is exhilarating to a fan and even a non-fan. No one can deny that Star Trek has a ton of lore and plenty of ways to implement a version of the lore for this armored crossover. We’ve seen Star Trek change things up every now and then with the Mirrored Universe and other variations.


Rendered art for the 2013 Star Trek game.


It’s not farfetched to think they could whip up some sort of dimension where Picard is an Admiral and he recruits you to help them stop a Borg scout ship that landed on a colony. He could choose you based on your service record, war time feat, or your ruthless attention to the mission and detail. Sound familiar?

It’s a very plausible premise for a game and seeing Picard in Shepard’s armor just makes me scream for more. If Jedi-Art-Trick sees this, I’m hoping he realizes what he has started and does something similar to the Dragon Effect fan art we saw before and does this for every Star Trek character he can think of.

Yes, I realize that’s a ton of character. Do it!


…Don’t you dare forget about Bakula. Enterprise was good, dammit!