Duncan Jones Set to Direct the World of Warcraft Movie

It seems like the World of Warcraft movie idea has percolating for a long time now, but never seemed to fully materialize into an actual thing.  That changed today, as Legendary Pictures announced that Duncan Jones, director of Moon and Source Code, is going to direct a live action World of Warcraft movie.  It’s set to release in 2015, with filming beginning this year.

How many references to “Leeroy Jenkins!” are going to be in this film? Hopefully none.

Duncan Jones is an awesome director.  Moon and Source Code are both fantastic sci-fi films that have really interesting premises, and if you haven’t seem them, go remedy that as soon as possible.  But I just don’t know how you can possibly make a World of Warcraft movie.  I’ve never personally played WoW, but I don’t know if the story was the most riveting aspect of that game.  Blizzard definitely fleshes out the lore of its franchises, but I feel a movie based on an MMO just seems like it’s destined to fail horribly.  However, I still remain somewhat optimistic, as I think Jones is an excellent filmmaker.  After all, he’s known as a guy who loves video games.  He talks a lot about games on his Twitter, and he is definitely aware of how most game to movie adaptations are downright awful.  If anyone can break the trend, it’s him.  Not Uwe Boll.

Oh yeah, and his dad is David Bowie. Just an FYI.