The Top 5 Youtube Channels

After several weeks of listing the best Youtube has to offer, this series is coming to an end. The point of this series was always to show readers that Youtube is a legitimate content platform, with Hollywood-level films, professional comedy, and unique vlogging entertainment. There are many great channels on Youtube today, far too many to list. To end this series, here are my five favorite channels on Youtube.

5. Smosh

The duo of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla not only operate their wildly successful Smosh channel (which has the most subscribers on Youtube) but also a great vlogging channel, a gaming channel, a cartoon channel, and more. The two friends have turned some innocent homemade videos into a veritable Youtube empire, and they are very good at what they do.

4. Epic Rap Battles of History
Some of the most well-produced content on Youtube comes from the Epic Rap Battles of History, a channel that pits fictional characters against each other in, well, an Epic Rap Battle. The music in these videos is high-quality and often catchy, and the lyrics are smart and funny. Their videos are not long or released very frequently, but a lot of production value and entertainment is crammed into every one.

3. Corridor Digital
Corridor Digital is perhaps the premier film channel on Youtube. This filmmaking duo consistently releases entertaining short films chock-full of Hollywood-level special effects. The concepts of these video are often simple, but they are quite good. Youtube has always been a place made for instant gratification, and the special effects in Corridor Digital videos do just that. Also, the duo has created a successful Youtube miniseries, entitled “Sync”.

2. Rooster Teeth
Rooster Teeth is the one channel on this list that has not been featured in my previous “Top Youtube” lists, as it doesn’t fall into any one category. This company creates world-class machinima, sketch comedy shorts, and daily video game commentary and guides. Yet Rooster Teeth’s greatest strength is the personalities who work there, and these personalities shine through on everything from their immensely popular weekly live video podcast to their daily achievement guides in the latest blockbuster games. Achievement Hunter, the gaming division of Rooster Teeth, maintains several weekly shows including the fantastic “Let’s Play Minecraft” series. As a channel, Rooster Teeth delivers in both quality and quantity.

1. Nigahiga
While I originally classified Ryan Higa’s iconic Youtube channel as a vlogging channel, it really defies classification. On the channel, Ryan vlogs, makes infomercials, makes fun of memes, and answers fan questions. Ryan’s personality is truly unique, and he’s impossible to hate. His quirky videos are the first things that I think of when I think of Youtube.