Is There More Mass Effect 3 DLC in the Works?

Hold on to your hats, Mass Effect fans…if there’s any truth to the speculation, it seems that we’re in fore more Mass Effect 3 DLC.

Executive Producer Casey Hudson tweeted this image of an intergalactic Casino this morning, along with the cryptic message of “Looks like a nice place for some R&R…”

Producer Michael Gamble followed suit when he tweeted the following image of a seemingly angry mace-wielding Krogan and message: “Does not look like a guy you want to mess with…”

So what do these images mean? It’s no secret that the team at BioWare plans to release more DLC for Mass Effect 3, and being that these are new images set in the Mass Effect universe that we haven’t seen before, it’s more than likely this is a teaser for some new upcoming content. Keep it locked here for more developments on the upcoming Mass Effect 3 DLC as they emerge.

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(Thanks Joystiq)