I Could Care Less About Motion Control Gaming

From the moment I picked up my first Wii remote, I have not been impressed with motion control in gaming. I have never understood the obsession with motion control in this industry after it was initially developed. Personally, I believe that gaming and motion control do not go together, as it has never been implemented well and does not allow gamers to relax.

A big reason why I have never been converted to love motion control in gaming is that motion control has never been effectively implemented in my opinion. While the Wii attained critical mass appeal, it never seemed to have enough quality games. Similarly, the impressively precise Microsoft Kinect and Sony Playstation Move peripherals have not been supported by enough really good games to be popular among hardcore gamers. Of course, there was also Sony’s Sixaxis control on Playstation 3 controllers, but that was supported so little that it is barely worth a mention. There are some good games for these motion controlled consoles, but it is very rare that the games are good and the motion control is good as well. The original Wii console had very imprecise motion control, and for this reason few games were able to create an engaging experience with motion control.

Meanwhile, I am against motion control in a more philosophical way as well. I have always viewed gaming is a relaxing pastime, and motion control does not mesh with this. When I need to decompress and relieve stress, I often turn to gaming or television. Gaming can be very relaxing if one is playing a game casually with a normal controller, lounging on a couch. It is not as relaxing to have to be standing up and moving around.

One might argue that this is just lazy, and that one should try and be active. This is true, but being active outside, in the real world, is leaps and bounds ahead of the world on the Wii or the Kinect. Instead of running in Wii Sports (which can be accomplished by simply shaking the remote), one could actually go on a jog, in fresh air. Instead of playing Wii tennis (which is controlled with one’s wrist motion, totally opposite of how one swings a tennis racket), one could go outside and play some tennis. I am a huge believer in keeping physically fit, but I think that video games are not the way to do so.

There are many people and companies who are very hopeful for the future of motion control in gaming, but I am not one of those people. In my opinion, it is too difficult to create an engaging motion control experience in gaming, and by using motion control, one defeats the relaxation purposes of video games.