The Cave: How To Get All Six Tickets At The Carnival

If you’ve put The Hillbilly in your party to go spelunking in Double Fine’s The Cave, you’ll come across a carnival-themed level that details the story of how he found (and lost) his one true love in the amazing two-legged girl.

The level sees you trying to win a pink teddy bear in order to woo her. Unfortunately, that also sees you trying to win five carnival tickets in order to get it, which means you’ll be solving a bunch of puzzles that may leave you scratching your head.  As a last resort, here are some clues to help you get all the carnival tickets you need.


Some quick tips for success in The Cave before we start:

-Make sure to thoroughly explore the environment before you start trying to solve anything. Take your time, memorize the map, take note of the locations of carnival booths and items, and pay attention to everything around you. Doing this will save you some time and keep you from having to backtrack more than necessary.


The first ticket is probably the easiest to get. To the left of the ticket taker booth is a cutout of a small kid with his back turned to you. Take his carnival ticket by hitting the action button. Once you’ve obtained the ticket, take it back and deposit it into the ticket taker booth. A number on the top will count down how many tickets are left to collect.


On that same floor, go all the way to the left until you encounter a dunk tank. This one is simple, but you’ll need two of your party members to complete it. Have the Hillbilly stand on the tank platform, and use one of the others to hit the switch and open the doors to drop him in. Once he falls, use his breath-holding ability and swim to the left to access the ladder that drops him back on top of the dunk tank platform.

A ticket will fall out of the slot next to the tank. Like all other tickets you’ll receive, collect it and deposit it into the ticket taker.

(As a side note, don’t forget about the dunk tank, as the path down and to the right in the water will be necessary for completing the level toward the end.) 


As with most of the other challenges in this level, you’ll need to cheat a little bit in order to obtain a ticket from the Test Your Strength Machine, as using the regular hammer won’t move the dial enough to warrant a win.

For the solution to this puzzle, you’ll need to start heading up into the carnival itself. This is where exploration is important; you’re going to cross many different areas through here, so it’s handy if you know where everything is.

Take one party member and have them travel up and to the left throughout the environment until they reach a small room above the carnival with a generator truck and a wrench. Have them wait there as you take another party member to the top floor of the carnival and ride in a Ferris wheel car to the top right side of the ride and jump out next to the fuse box.

Switch now back to the other character by the generator truck. Pick up the wrench and use the action button to switch off the truck and  temporarily shut down power to the carnival. This will make it safe for your character by the fuse box to remove the fuse and get back down to the floor.

Leave your character by the generator for now, and take the one holding the fuse box to the far left hand side of that floor and climb up the ladder next to the exotic clothed dancers booth. Don’t try to install the fuse right away; there’s water on the floor, and you’ll die if you try to insert it. Instead, switch off power again, then put the fuse in the fuse box. This will turn on the Exotic Clothed Dancer booth, which draws the attention of the group of carnies directly beneath you. Head back down the ladder and take the sledgehammer from the space previously blocked by the carnies and use it on the Test Your Strength Machine to cheat your way to a carnival ticket.

(Note: Have the character by the generator stay put, as you’ll need them again for the next solution.)


Get ready to backtrack a bit and head back up to the fuse box above the exotic dancers booth. Shut off the power and remove the fuse in the fuse box, then head back down the ladder and walk to the right of the floor. You’ll pass the Ferris wheel, the man of ordinary strength, and climb over a heap of boxes before reaching Xavetar the fortune teller. Insert the fuse in the box next to him to turn him on.

Next, switch over to your third character and have them travel (to the left) to reach the Wheel of Misfortune. (It works best to have one character by Xavetar and one at the game itself in order to solve this puzzle, although it can be done with one character alone.)

Have the character by Xavetar activate the fortune teller by hitting the action button. He’ll tell you a fortune, and his eyes and crystal ball will glow a certain color. Switch to the character by the color wheel and have them guess that as the color the wheel will land on by  using the console at the far right of the booth. Pull the lever, and the wheel will land on whatever color Xavetar predicted, which will shut down the booth and earn you a ticket.


In order to beat the guesser at the Guess Your Weight Machine, you’re going to have to employ some devious tactics with the help of the carnival’s despondent magician Magnifico.

First, head back up to the top level by the Ferris wheel and take the barbell from the Man of Ordinary Strength exhibit  Carry that all the way down to Magnifico’s tent, and while he’s carrying on about his next trick, switch out the cupcake on the table for the barbell. He’ll make it disappear, and once it’s vanished, pick it up and carry the invisible barbell with you over to the Guess Your Weight Machine. Stand on the platform, and the guesser will guess your weight minus the invisible barbell, which leads to him losing and eventually shutting down. For this, you’ll win the sixth and final ticket you need to complete the Carnival level.

Have any other tips for puzzle solving in The Cave? Leave them in the comments below!




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  1. Bejje

    I think I have a problem with the weight guessing. I wnt to the man with the cupcake withe the knight and made myself invisible and got the cupcake without leaving anything. So what to do now?

  2. Bejje

    I think I have a problem with the weight guessing. I went to the man with the cupcake with the knight and made myself invisible and got the cupcake without leaving anything. So what to do now?

    • cmurdurr

      @Bejje So, you need to go up to the top level to the man of ordinary strength booth. Pick up the dumbell there, then take it down to the magician. Put it on his table, and he’ll make it disappear. Then, carry the invisible weight with you to the weight guessing game and jump on the platform. The invisible weight will make the guesser’s number inaccurate and win you the ticket . The cupcake can just be thrown to the side. Hope this helps! I was stuck on this one forever…

  3. Mcstone

    Man that’s stupid.. I did exactly thes ame thing with the cupcake while it’s still invisible.. And the guesser got it right weighing correctly the invisible cupcake.. Doh. (Works fine with the weight of course thanks for the walkthrough..)

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