Games to Play Now While You Wait for 2013’s Upcoming Releases

There are a whole lot of video game releases in 2013. But don’t just wait impatiently for them to come, use your time now wisely. Replay these old games before their sequels come out. It’s a good chance to get reacquainted with the series, or try new ones before shelling out $60 on a new game you’re not even sure you’re going to enjoy. There’s lots of upcoming video game releases coming out this year, so to get prepared here’s a couple of games to start playing now:

Sim City

The new SimCity game will be released in early March. EA’s developers have announced that this game is going to be much different than their previous titles, and it should be considering the last SimCity came out 10 years ago. But going back and replaying SimCity 3000 or SimCity 4 now is going to have it’s benefits when the new SimCity comes out. The learning curve on past SimCity games was very steep. As soon as you learn how to build a semi-functioning city you realize there were components you didn’t add, and you pretty much have to start over as your city begins to crumble.

Playing SimCity 4, for instance, will remind you of all the little things you need to run a city. Police stations, fire stations, schools, libraries, universities, and hospitals might all seem like obvious components to a town. But do you remember the first town you ever built? When you didn’t make room for future highways and bus stops? Or when you didn’t realize exactly how far the pollution from your coal burning plant would spread? Don’t spend the first week of SimCity relearning with failed cities, get that out of the way now.

Dead Island

If you’re excited for the new Dead Island: Riptide game coming out this April then now is a great time to start replaying the original Dead Island. Why? First of all, I suspect Dead Island is going to have a slow, but steady number of growing online players as we get closer to the release date. This always happens right before a sequel release, everyone’s replaying the sequel to satisfy their anxious anticipation. So if you’re looking to play with other people now’s the time to do it. Once Riptide is released there’s not going to be anyone left on the original Dead Island.

The other reason is to get your zombie killing skills back up to par. I haven’t seen a whole lot about the new Dead Island, but I have seen that many of the controls and mechanics of the game are going to be the same. Players are going to fight similar types of zombies with similar fighting styles. Getting into the grove of throwing weapons and using more melee attacks is going to take some getting used to again if you haven’t played Dead Island in a while. Might as well prepare now so you’re ready for Dead Island: Riptide when it comes out.

Dead Space

The long awaited Dead Space 3 is being released in 2013. This is a franchise that I only recently got into, and have been playing through the first game here and there. If you haven’t checked this trilogy out yet now’s a great time to do it, the first and second Dead Space’s are super cheap and available on Steam. I’ve realized that Dead Space isn’t just a generic alien fighting FPS game. It plays and feels much different. Dead Space isn’t just focused on the killing, it’s focused on the suspense, and the atmosphere. The new trailer for Dead Space 3 looks awesome, but it’s a game that might not be for everyone. So instead of spending $60 on a game you might not enjoy, spend $15 now and try it out.

And if you’re already a Dead Space fan, jump back into the first and second games and remember why you fell in love with them in the first place!


Both of these super popular FPS games are coming out this year, Crysis 3 in February and Battlefield 4 sometime this fall. Just like any online FPS game the first couple of weeks after the game’s release is a very important time for players. This is when everyone who’s anyone in the game starts grinding, learning the maps and unlocking new equipment before their competitors have a chance. It’s when true hardcore players get a jump up on the competition.

So, if you’re planning on playing either of these FPS games an easy way to get an edge on the competition is by getting your skills back in shape with each game’s prequel. You’re probably a little rusty with the controls and each game’s mechanics (unless you’re still playing Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 regularly) and now is a perfect time to get acquainted with the game. Not only will it give you an edge on other players, but if it takes you a little while to get used to playing again it will hurt your old K/D, and not your new one.

All the other Prequels

The world of video games in 2013 is looking a lot like it did in 2012… it’s a year for sequels. On the roster for 2013’s upcoming releases: Grand Theft Auto 5, Dragon Age 3, Pokemon X and Y, Gears of War: Judgement, Tomb Raider, Sly Cooper, Bioshock: Infinite, Army of Two, and many, many more sequels to some of our favorite games. There’s all kinds of prequels that are out now to entertain yourself with, and to reminisce about your favorite franchises before their new releases come out this year.