Cool Games that Need to be Greenlighted

Guise of the Wolf

“In the medieval Kingdom of Uhorsko, a young alchemist named Dominik is summoned to assist in stopping a ravenous beast. Dominik’s goals soon change as he discovers he has been bitten, and cursed to become the very thing he has set out to stop. Now he must delve further into a dark castle in search of a cure, and cold answers to the enigma he finds himself entangled in along the way.”

There are tons of games where you play vampires, but not many where you play a werewolf, so this game is long overdue. I like the idea of using moonlight to become a werewolf, which despite its form can still solve puzzles, though there may be some limitations to what you can do in werewolf form, I don’t know. You’re an alchemist as well, so you can make potions. I wonder if you can make a potion to cure yourself or to make the wolf more powerful? That would be very cool. Developer Fun-Creator promises multiple endings, so there’s some replay value already built in.

Check out their Greenlight page:

City of Steam

A browser based Steampunk MMO with multiple races, including humans from different lands and three kinds of green-skins (goblins, orcs, hobgoblins) and four classes with lots of abilities and profession choices. Each race has a distinct look and all the Steampunk accessories you might want.

There is a shop where you can spend real money to buy things, but, according to the developers, everything available in the shop also can be found, made or otherwise acquired in the game world. I like this touch, as it strikes a balance between people who want to spend money on a game and people who want the challenge of finding/making something cool in the game world.

If you support City of Steam by purchasing what they call “Collaborator Packs,” then you can get some in-game money and a bunch of other bonuses, including name reservation when the game finally launches.

This game looks cool, and the fact that it can run in the browser is a plus. No more waiting for downloads to finish.

Check out the Greenlight page for City of Steam here:


Tiny Barbarian

An old school platformer harkening back to a time when you could find arcades in every mall and shopping center, Tiny Barbarian wants you to smash hordes of creatures and  “jump, sword, and climb your way to vengeance” all in the name of saving “the most beautiful ladies that can fit into a 16×16 pixel box.” Tiny Barbarian will have more than one episode, with four total being planned for right now. I like this game because it reminds me of retro games like Rastan and Golden Axe, both of which ate a fair share of my arcade money in their time.

Their Greenlight page is here:


Go To Hell Dave

When Dave wakes up at the gates of Hell after smashing his car into a lamp post, he discovers that his girlfriend, Sharon, was gone. She’s in good company, because Satan is also missing, and Hell is becoming quite the messy place. So Dave needs to figure out what’s up, and he goes on a tour of the nine “floors” of Hell. This is a Point and Click adventure with British humor, tons of characters to interact with, and “a boring sewer level, because every game has to have one.”

The title is what made me look at this game, but it was the story and the art style that made me want to be able to play it.

Check out the Greenlight page for yourself at:

Toxic Bunny

 Toxic the rabbit is having a Very Bad Day. Someone has interrupted his coffee break, brainwashed all his friends and covered the planet with decaffeinated goo.
Developer Cobus describes Toxic Bunny as “A caffeine fueled, pun infested, hamster launching retro platform romp through pop culture. Semi Visible Chickens. Hamster launchers. triple strength espresso, Armoured sentient mucus. Just a day in the office for Toxic Bunny.”

In this game you get to “show general disregard for public safety by firing the Nitric Hamster Launcher, the only known weapon to guarantee a fatality, Giggle evilly as you squish aliens with rusty nautical equipment, and break expensive machinery, dismantle robots and play with industrial strength, radioactive adhesive in an attempt to solve increasingly complex puzzles.

You can actually pay and download the game here already, but it’s so gonzo it deserves the wide audience being Greenlit on Steam can provide.

Their Greenlight page is here:

There are a ton of games waiting to be Greenlit. Check them out for yourself and give indie developers a hand in getting onto Steam.

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