The Top 5 Comedy Vloggers on Youtube

As we continue on this tour through the best of Youtube, we arrive at a very important stop: vlogging. Vlogging (video blogging) is an incredibly important part of Youtube culture, and some of the most popular Youtubers are vloggers. While some vlogs simply follow someone’s life, I always prefer the shorter, yet sweeter comedy vlogs. Often these vlogs are simply one person ranting about an issue, yet they are very entertaining. Here are my five favorite vlog comedians on youtube.

5. Dailygrace (Grace Helbig)
Grace Helbig maintains a daily vlog show called Daily Grace, a show that consists of Grace talking about various subjects in front of the camera, with certain themes for each day of the week. Her humor is incredibly unique; Grace often awkwardly ends sentences or trails off. She is truly the queen of awkward vlogging.

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4. Communitychannel (Natalie Tran)
Natalie runs a very entertaining vlog/sketch comedy channel, and she is currently the most popular Youtuber from Australia. Her humor is often self-deprecating, yet always smart. Unfortunately, she is very bad about releasing videos on a regular basis, and has not released a new video in awhile. She has contemplated leaving the Youtube community multiple times, and presently her status seems to again be in flux. It would be a shame to see her go, as she is one of the funniest vloggers Youtube has to offer.

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3. Dom Mazzetti (Mike Tornabene, Gian Hunjan)
Dom Mazzetti is probably one of THE most hilarious characters on Youtube. Mazzetti, portrayed by Mike Tornabene, is an Italian-American college student who weighs in on various relevant topics, ranging from Instagram to Christmas. Mazzetti is an incredibly over-the-top, hyped up character, though in every video, it becomes more and more abundantly clear that despite all of his bluster, he’s pretty much a schlub.

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2. KevJumba (Kevin Wu)
One of the most prominent Asian-American youtubers, Kevin Wu operates one of the most popular channels on Youtube in kevjumba, where he often talks about his personal life and many other topics. Kevin is unique in that he has been on Youtube for many years, ever since he was a young teenager. His growth can be seen in his videos, as he has matured greatly over the years. Though as you can see from the recommended video below, this maturation may not apply to subject matter.

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1. Nigahiga (Ryan Higa)
Ryan Higa is the king of Youtube comedy, and one of the most iconic Youtubers. His vlogs have an incredibly unique style that no one has ever been able to effectively emulate. Ryan’s ADHD-fueled rants and infomercials are supplemented by copious vlogging comedy mixed with some sketches. Ryan’s channel is the third most subscribed channel on Youtube, and his video have collected over 1.4 billion views over the years. Is with most number one picks on these lists it is very hard for me to choose one video to recommend, every one is entertaining and hilarious.

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