The Wii U Is Getting A Bunch Of Updates To Improve The Miiverse And OS Speed

Nintendo Direct was filled with announcements today and not all of them were for games. Today we found out that Nintendo has three updates coming to the Wii U, two to improve the OS speed of the console and another to add new features to the Miiverse.

The OS updates will help gamers launch apps and games quicker and even go back to the Wii U menu faster. This is a very welcome update! One of the on-going complaints on the Wii U is how slow the operating system is to respond and react. This should do well to help owners with their experience of using the console.

As for Miiverse, you can expect a bunch of new features from its update:

  • Users will be able to create their own communities.
  • Users can filter content on their own.
  • There will be multiple communities per game.

There is also a Miiverse smartphone app coming that will allow gamers with a Nintendo Network ID to login and access some features. No additional details about the app nor which mobile OS it will show up on were announced. However, you can almost guarantee that iOS will get the app due to Nintendo releasing the Pokedex 3D app just a bit ago.

Miiverse uses for the upcoming Pikmin 3 and Wii Fit U were announced, as well. In Pikmin 3 you can use the camera on the Gamepad to take pictures of in-game scenery or events and show them on the Miiverse community. For Wii Fit U, fitness gamers can post their stats to others in a special community on Miiverse.



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