The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Is Getting A Remake on The Wii U

According to Nintendo, the HD remake of Wind Waker will help ease players into the new, big Legend of Zelda U game. However you wish to interpret that is up to you.

I am very much hoping that doesn’t mean we’re getting Wind Waker Link back, though that may just be me.

During Nintendo Direct they announced that Wind Waker HD is coming to the Wii U this fall.

The game’s remake will have updated graphics, Miiverse inclusion, and will make full use of the Gamepad controller. The game will retain its core look but the new graphical improvements will help make its cel-shaded style look even better.

There were no other details given but this is most likely going to be the first Zelda to hit the Wii U and while I’m not a big fan of Wind Waker Link, I did enjoy the game and I find myself somewhat excited for it.



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