The Legend of Zelda U Announced on Nintendo Direct

Zelda is finally headed to the Wii U and this this time you’ll be seeing some changes.

Alongside the announcement, producer Eiji Aonuma said that the idea behind The Legend of Zelda U (not the real title, by the way) is to have Zelda reborn. Nintendo is currently thinking of ways to change up the normal status quo for the series and makes this game fresh.

A couple of things they mentioned that may change is the way dungeons are done, the order of them, and even the dominate single-player aspect of the series.

Not much else was shown or talked about but Aonuma did say to forget what we all saw back at E3 2011 with the tech demo of Link battling a spider boss in HD. Apparently the real game will look different from that.

There was no time table given for The Legend of Zelda U to come out nor was it confirmed to be at E3 this year.

Even if this takes a bit longer than usual, it’s still good that Nintendo is announcing key franchises for release on the Wii U, which is struggling right now post-launch with attracting new owners and keeping existing owners busy.



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