Black Ops II, Medal of Honor: Warfighter Banned In Pakistan

After store owners in Pakistan raised concerns about Black Ops II and Medal of Honor: Warfighter due to both games depicting Pakistan as a training ground for terrorism, the country has decided to ban further sales of both titles.

According to a memo released by the (this is a mouthful) All Pakistan CD, DVD, Audio Cassette Traders and Manufacturers Association (APCDACTM):

The Association has always boycotted these types of films and games. These (games) have been developed against the country’s national unity and sanctity. The games (Medal of Honor: Warfighter and Call of Duty: Black Ops II) have been developed against Pakistan, and the association has completely banned their sales. Shopkeepers are warned and will be responsible for the consequences if found purchasing or selling these games.

Further more, after receiving dozens of complaints about the content of Black Ops II and Warfighter, APCDACTM president Saleem Memon thought it’d be best to implement the ban on both games. According to a Pakistani security official, speaking anonymously, “These games are an effort to malign the minds of youth against Pakistan.” The official continued and stated that Black Ops II and Warfighter were made with bad intentions in mind. These intentions involved the games representing American attempts to try and convince Pakistanis that not only is Pakistan a failed country, but also that it is home to terrorists.

I simply thought Warfighter was banned because it was a disappointing pile of excrement. Seriously.


Source: Fox News