Kaz Hirai

Kaz Hirai Hints PlayStation 4 to Come After Xbox 720

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has hinted that the PlayStation 4 will launch after the Xbox 720 in an interview with print edition of The Times of London.

Hirai commented: “Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

Of course it’s reasonable to assume that Sony and Microsoft have a decent idea of what their competitors next console will be able to do and Hirai’s statement should probably be taken with a grain of salt given that neither system has been officially unveiled let alone dated.

His comments also fly in the face of consistent rumours that the PS4 would launch first in an effort to beat Microsoft to market and avoid a repeat of the situation surrounding the PlayStation 3’s release, it has been suggested the system may be launched in October 2013.