One on One: Samus vs. Master Chief.

Battle Royale, a weekly segment that pits two famous video game characters head to head and tries to figure out who would win in a one on one fight. The rules are simple, contestants are judged in 5 different categories: Attack, Defense, Special Abilites, Equipment, and Overall Experience.  Whoever wins the majority of the five is the victor.

This week’s showdown: Samus vs. Master Cheif. Both heroes have very similar stories… Both are super human warriors that fight off hordes of enemy aliens. Both were trained from a young age to become fighting machines. Both rely on their battle suits and years of experience in every battle. But there are some differences between the two fighters, and their differences will determine the outcome of this week’s Battle Royale.


Samus’s Power Beam is as famous as she is, and known for it’s power. It’s attached to the right arm of her battle suit, making it her primary weapon. The Power Beam alone isn’t an all powerful weapon, but it’s upgrades transform the weapon into a formidable force. Relying so much on one weapon, however, is a weakness that the Master Chief doesn’t have. It doesn’t matter if Master Chief loses his gun, he’s a master with any weapon he picks up. He has long range, mid range, close range, and melee weapons all at his disposal.And it’s not just with human weapons, he uses Forerunner and Covenant technology just as easily as the weapons he was trained on. Master Chief’s versatility gives him the win on the Attack category.

Attack: Master Chief


Both Samus and Master Chief rely on their battle suits as their primary defense mechanism. In both cases their armor is an extension of themselves. Trying to compare which one is overall better is a hard thing to do because each one brings so many awesome traits to the table. But in terms of pure defense I think a clear victor can be chosen.  It’s hard to take down the Master Chief’s regenerating shields. But it would be harder to hit Samus, not only with her shields, but with her suits mobility. The morph ball ability, as well as her space jump makes her evasion ability much greater than master chiefs. Her suit, plus her improved nimbleness and athletic acrobatics skill makes her the winner of the defense category.

Defense: Samus

Special Abilities

Both heroes special abilities are linked closely with their suits. And as I’ve said before, it’s hard to figure out which one is better. If the Spartan’s story had ended with Halo 3 Master Chief would have no chance in this category. Luckily Halo: Reach and Halo 4 have shown us the speical abilites that the Master Chief can take on: invisibility, regenerating fields, radar jamming, jetpacks, etc. But Master Chief can only use one of his special abilities at a time, whereas Samus has access to her abilities whenever she’s fighting. Her morph ball ability is an offensive tool as well as a defensive. Pair her morph ball ability with her space jump, her grappling hook, and her other numerous special ability upgrades and she is the clear winner of special abilities.

Special Abilities: Samus


Besides her power suit Samus has really no other equipment. As a bounty hunter she is left to her own devices. She’s backed up by the Chozo, but after presenting her with the battle suit and her training they haven’t provided her with much else. She’s allied with the Federation, but because of her bounty hunter status she doesn’t have access to their resources like the Master Chief does. Master Chief has access to anything the Human military has at it’s disposal. This means weapons, ammo, vehicles, and health kits. When it comes down to it Master Chief can bring a Scorpion to the knife fight, and Samus can’t.

Equipment: Master Chief


Experience is the hardest category to compare this two fighters in. They both were taken in as children and taught to do one thing: fight. They both have supernatural abilities and they could one up each other for days recounting their past extraordinary achievements. At first glance it looks like Samus has the upper hand, having her blood infused with the ancient blood of the Chozo. Plus, the drive she has from the loss of her parents would make her one of the scariest opponents to have in a one on one fight. Master Chief’s drive comes from dedication to fighting. This is a pro because it makes him calm and collected during combat, but it might not be enough to overcome Samus’s emotions.

But what makes me realize that Master Chief wins the experience category is his superiority over his piers. Samus is a great fighter, but she is one of a kind. If another child had been trained by the Chozo, and been given a suit and the blood of an ancient race they could actually be a much better fighter than Samus. We’ll never know if Samus is the best fighter that could be produced. Master Chief was one of many young Spartans bred for war. He has proven through his past experiences that he is the ultimate Spartan, a group of ultimate fighters. Samus might be able to defeat the average Spartan, maybe even a great Spartan, but she couldn’t stand up to the king of the Spartans.

Experience: Master Chief

Verdict: Master Chief


Samus brings a superior defense and much more powerful special abilities to the table. But Master Chief has the equipment of an entire army, which means versatility in weapons and equipment. Master Chiefs ability to call himself the most powerful Spartan makes me sure that he would defeat Samus Aran in a one on one Battle Royale.

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  1. MatthewSims

    Samus has better weapons. The Plasma beam and Power bomb for example. Screw Attack, wide Beam, Wave Beam, Anti-Matter Dark beam, Super Missile, Ice Missiles, Diffusion Missiles, etc.
    The Article is biased, and the writer is clearly a fool who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.(Probably never even played a Metroid game.)
    Experience? Samus blew up 2 planets and another dimension, AND wiped out 4 galactic threatss! (X, Ing, Phazon and Metroids).
    Samus doesn’t need to ask the federation for help. She’s a walking army. Matter of fact, they ask HER to bail them out, NOT the other way around. and in a 1 on 1 fight how is it fair to be talking about getting help from others anyway? Contradiction much?
    Sorry dude, but this is from an unbiased stand point: Samus would win in one Super Missile shot.

  2. TarhjAG

    yes samus would win. she can shoot through walls and freeze and shatter creatures made of lava instantly. master chief would die. i dont even think he can hurt her since shes taken hits from things that would kill master chief in one hit. and she has like, 20 health bars and can run at mach 5 speeds according to the wiki. the gravity suit lets her take no damage from lava. but the biggest edge she has is infinite ammo and x-ray visor. she would find mc fast and just kill him with the wave beam.

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