Hundreds Review: A Numbers Game That Won’t Make Your Brain Bleed…Sort Of

Thanks to failing math multiple times in High School and College, I tend to stay far, far away from games involving numbers or logic as the main mechanism of gameplay. Because of that, I was skeptical about Hundreds and whether or not it would be a game my math-challenged brain would be able to handle.

To my surprise, it was a game about numbers, without really being about numbers. But it still manages to be incredibly challenging.

The main goal of Hundreds is introduced in the very first level. A circle with the number zero sits in the middle of the screen. Tap and hold it, and the number inside increases as the circle grows in diameter until the number hits 100. Once you manage to reach 100, you’ve passed the level.

After that, each level introduces new mechanics, such as bubbles to pop, multiple grey circles whose numbers collectively add up to 100, sawblades that take away all of the circle’s growth, and even circles that must be activated simultaneously using two fingers. Management and strategy is key in Hundreds, as you’ll be forced to start the level over if two circles collide while you’re growing them.

It sounds somewhat complex, but the game does a fantastic job of seamlessly introducing new mechanics and allowing you to learn them without ever giving you a formal tutorial. You’re forced to figure out how to beat a level simply by way of trial and error, with many different solutions to the puzzle itself. It’s unique and challenging with maddening difficulty spikes throughout. But despite the fact it gets incredibly difficult, it still manages to retain an addictive quality that will tempt you to try a level over again and again as you attempt different strategies in order to reach 100 and clear the level.

The entire game is presented with a slick visual style and clean interface, using greys, blacks, and reds to color the overall aesthetic. The game’s physics are impressive and consistent, and it’s encouraged to take the game’s advice and wear headphones while you’re playing, as the sound design is well done and lends some satisfaction to the gameplay.

Those playing it on iPhone beware; the smaller screen of the device will take away from some of the accuracy needed to successfully compete levels. This game is one that is probably best experienced on the iPad itself if you want the best shot at beating it. It’s not unplayable by any means, but get ready to grit your teeth and growl incomprehensible swear words when you manage to fail a level because of your fingers getting in the way.

Hundreds is a number game, but not in the traditional sense. It’s an approachable numbers game that anyone can play and enjoy, so long as they’re patient and willing to deal with a challenging puzzle game. It’s not one that will make your brain bleed thanks to math overload, but there’s a good chance you’ll be tempted to toss your iOS device across the room a few times. Despite its difficulty, however, it still manages to be a clever, interesting, and unique game fans of both mobile and puzzle gaming would do well to give a try.

(Note: This review was conducted on an iPhone after five hours of gameplay. The copy was purchased off the app store by the reviewer.)

Paul from Leviathyn reviews the iOS game Hundreds, a numbers game that won’t make your brain bleed.

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