What to Expect from Guild Wars 2’s Big Update

If you’re a Guild Wars fan then you’ve probably noticed Arena Net’s repeated references to the big game update coming at the end of the month. Sure it’ll change a couple skills, add a couple skins, and fix some bugs. But this update is going to change the game a lot more than any update we’ve seen so far. Read through the Arena Net’s news articles and you’ll see this is going to be a game changing update. So what changes are going to be made?


In one of the most recent news breaks Arena Net announced that they are going to change the way daily achievements work. Quoting from this article: “it’s extremely important that we stay true to our philosophy that you should be able to play Guild Wars 2 the way you want to play the game in order to reach the most powerful rewards.” What does this mean? A couple of things.

A sneak peek on the new achievement token rewards.

First, achievements will now reward players with special tokens that can be traded in for high end gear. This means that players can get high end loot by playing all sorts of different ways. There’s achievements for unlocking armor, completing jumping puzzles, WvW, PvP, dungeons, killing lots of one enemy, using different kinds of weapons, completing holiday events, completing special events… really everything you can do in game is part of an achievement.

Secondly, the daily events are going to change daily. In addition to not having to do the same things everyday to get your coveted mystic coin you’ll have an option between what objectives you want to complete. Each day there will be six options, with the player only having to complete 4 in order to complete the daily achievement.

Right now the majority of achievements don’t count for anything more than your player score. But in the same article Collin Johanson stated that new achievements will be added, and existing achievements will be reworked to give players additional rewards like titles and medals.


In the most recent of Arena Net’s news breaks they announced their new guesting mechanic. This will allow players to jump onto different home world’s and play with friends that reside on different servers. You won’t be able to play WvW on a guest server, but you can do basically everything else on any server you want now. With this change Arena Net has announced that chaning your “home world” will now cost gems, and the free world transfer that we’re currently allotted every 7 days will be taken away. Make sure you’re in the world you want to stay in by Janurary 28th, otherwise you’re going to have to break out the wallet to switch which world you represent in WvW.

Hopefully this will open the game up a bit. I play on the Yak’s Bend server, and I like it a lot. But sometimes I can’t find a group to do dungeons with in Lion’s Arch. Being able to easily switch from world to world seems to be similar to how Guild Wars 1’s districts work.

Fractals of the Mists

Guild Wars 2’s elite dungeon is getting revamped too. In an article from last month Isaiah Cartwright announced one of the best updates yet is coming with January’s big update. Fractals of the Mists is a leveled dungeon, requiring players to beat it at level 1 to progress to level 2. This makes it a dungeon that can be replayed with harder and harder difficulty, something that I can totally appreciate. But now players are spread out acorss over 30 different levels, and finding a group is harder than ever. Presonally my main character is only able to join levels 5 and lower. To progress I need to complete level 5, but all of the groups I find need some other level. The update will make it so players from any level can join and contribute to a group. This mock secnario from Isiah Cartwright’s article is the easisest way to describe the update:

Here is a sample party:

  • Player 1 (fractal level 2)
  • Player 2 (fractal level 21)
  • Player 3 (fractal level 21)
  • Player 4 (fractal level 21)
  • Player 5 (fractal level 53)

Player 2 makes the party and sets the fractal level to 21, and the party goes on to beat three fractals. Here are the fractal-level results after the run:

  • Player 1 (fractal level 3)
  • Player 2 (fractal level 22)
  • Player 3 (fractal level 22)
  • Player 4 (fractal level 22)
  • Player 5 (still fractal level 53, but gains karma for helping)”

Now finding groups for Guild Wars 2’s elite dungeon should be easier than ever, especially with the new server guesting mechanic.

Other Changes

Spread across different news breaks there’s some other updates we might see, ranging from all different parts of the game:

  • Dungeons, including Fractals of the Mists, could be getting some layout changes, and bosses inside and outside of dungeons might get polished up.
  • An improved Looking for Group system, that could also relate to the new guesting feature
  • Adding new features for guilds
  • Changes to WvW and PvP to improve balance and to make the player vs. player experience more dynamic
  • Increasing the established level 80 zones, or adding new ones
  • Possibly new high end gear, especially in the Ascended Gear categories.
  • A possible secondary way to acquire Legendary Weapons, or a change in the requirements for them


There’s a big update coming, so Guild Wars 2 players be prepared. This information was taken from Arena Net’s official webpage, and if you’d like more information browse their news breaking articles here.