The Saddest Legend of Zelda Art Ever, Get Your Tissues Ready

2013 so far has been a treasure trove of fan art around the internet. While I’m sure these talents have been around longer than just 17 days, it is amazing the kind of work we are finding.

Today we are gifted with perhaps one of the most saddening depictions of how The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword could have ended. The art is done by Deviant Art user Ferisae.

Ferisae explains that what is happening here in this 3-part comic is not actually a part of Skyward Sword so no spoilers are to be had. However, he says that it would have been a post-game scenario and to be honest I feel that it would have been a perfect ending to roll into the rest of the timeline.

If you don’t know, the timeline for The Legend of Zelda has Skyward Sword as the beginning of Link. Zelda isn’t seen with Link again until Ocarina of Time. It is then that the timeline shifts into three possibilities.

If Ferisae’s post-game event happened, it would have been a defining moment in the franchise and for Nintendo, who normally shies away from doing this to their own all-star heroes.

Either way, here is the 3-part comic which are all linked to Ferisae’s page. Enjoy and I hope you have your tear shields up.






Right in the feels…



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  1. Critical_Hit

    Very nice. But having never played Skyward Sword, like most people (seriously, it sold worse than Twilight Princess. The Wii was pretty much abandoned when it came out), I must admit I was distracted by thoughts of, “Who’s Groose?” lol.

    Skyward Sword HD is a thing that should exist, by the way. Should’ve launched with the Wii U, just like Twilight Princess being “cross gen” with the Wii and Gamecube (even though, generations or not, they were pretty identical in terms of hardware horsepower)

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