4 Things We Don’t Want In GTA 5

The Phone

There are parts of the phone mechanic from Grand Theft Auto 4 that I enjoyed. Being able to call your characters friends for favors, for instance, was an awesome feature of the game. The favors were actually helpful, and it felt more realistic having to call your friends for help, as opposed to pressing an option on a menu screen. I like the phone for the same reason for cheat codes, it just felt better to me dialing a number into a phone than into a menu. But the phone was more of a nuscesnse than a positive mechanic.

While running away from the police, in the middle of a firefight, or on the way to a mission that stupid phone would start ringing. It’s always the same, a call from a friend asking if you want to hang out. Honestly, I don’t want to spend my time in GTA playing mini games with fake NPC friends. But if you don’t answer then they like you less! There’s already been rumors about the phones appearence in GTA 5, but hopefully it’s going to have some very different uses.

The Seriousness without Humor

Grand Theft Auto covers some serious subjects: drugs, violence, crime, ect. But in their past titles they’ve paired these serious subjects with humor. It’s one of the reasons that I love the series so much. But I didn’t get the same level of laughs from GTA 4 as I did from their previous games. Sure, Grand Theft Auto had some jokes, some funny characters, and some funny plot points. But compared to San Andreas and Vice City GTA 4 was as cold as your Russian character’s homeland.

Am I saying that GTA 5 shouldn’t be serious at all? NO. But the game could stand to lighten up a little bit once again. My want my character to get fat if he eats to much, and I want to be able to fly around on a jetpack. And prostitutes need to replenish your health. It’s the little in-game mechanics that make Grand Theft Auto so funny.

The Required Mini Games

Mini Games have always been a part of Grand Theft Auto, and once again I don’t think they should get rid of this point completely. But in Grand Theft Auto 4 a large portion of the storyline required the player to grind on mini games to progress. Going on dates to the bowling alley or to play darts is understandable. But when you have to do it with numerous different characters it just gets repetitive. At least in other Rockstar games, like Red Dead Redepmtion, they mini games aren’t required.I understand there’s a large group of people out there that love mini games. But I’m not one of them. And I’d rather have mini games as an optional mechanic, something that gives the player money or unlocks new outfits (like Red Dead Redemption) as opposed to a necessary element for the story’s completion.

The Over the Top Realism

 Grand Theft Auto 4 was the most expensive game ever made. Why? Because they made Liberty City as realistic as possible. The radio played hit songs, the car traffic was realistic, and the NPCs weren’t half bad. I commend Rockstar on creating some realistic components. But too much realism can take the fun out of a game. Video games, espeically Grand Theft Auto, are supposed to have some unrealistic elements, because if it was just like real life I wouldn’t be playing.

Grand Theft Auto didn’t have some of the fun or funny mechanics that pervious Grand Theft Autos had. Remember when you could spawn a tank in the middle of town and start destroying everything in your path? Or when you could get a jetpack, not just as a cheat but as part of the storyline? At the very least remember when you could speed down the street and not have an NPC change lanes at the last second, sending you out of the front windshield of your car and ruining your vehicle?