Obama Calls for Funding to Study Effects of Violent Video Games

President Obama formally presented his platform for increased gun control in a press conference today, during which he called for a number of actions to be taken in an effort to decrease gun violence in America, including stricter background checks and bans on assault weapons.

He also asked that $10 million dollars be set aside for the CDC to study the effects of violent media (specifically video games) on “young minds”.

This comes on the heels of Joe Biden meeting with several members of the entertainment community, including gaming lobbyist group the ESA to have a discussion about what could be done to prevent tragic shootings such as the one at Sandy Hook from ever happening again.

What this means for the current state of video games and whether or not the government will play a more active role in monitoring their content is not yet known. Keep it locked here for more details as they emerge.

(Thanks Kotaku)

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