Arma 3

Creators of Arma Series Free On Bail

After spending 128 days in a Greek jail, Arma III developers Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar are headed home after having bail posted.

If you’ve been following this story, last September, the pair was arrested on grounds of spying at a military complex in Lemnos, a small island of Greece. More specifically, both Buchta and Pezlar were taking pictures and video of military installations on the island. According to Bohemia Rhapsody Interactive*, however, Buchta and Pezlar were simply tourists on vacation and that all of this has turned into one huge misunderstanding.

According to, a fan support site for Buchta and Pezlar, bail for each was 5,000 Euros. Though both get to go home, they are not finished with legal proceedings with the Greek government.

* = bad joke is bad. If only Bohemia Interactive was named Bohemian Interactive. Come on, people!


Source: Game Informer