The Top 5 Youtube Shows

Youtube as a content platform has emerged as a legitimate contender to television and film over the past several years. In the television realm specifically, I have begun to find myself watching more episodic content on Youtube than on television. Here are my five favorite Youtube shows.

5. Equals 3
Equals 3 is a show hosted by Ray William Johnson, who maintains the second most-subscribed channel on Youtube with over 6.8 million subscribers. Needless to say, Equals 3 is a very popular show. The show revolves around Johnson sharing and commenting on that week’s best viral videos. The jokes can be corny at times, but Equals 3 is by no means bad, and its ubiquity alone means it deserves a place on this list.

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4. Let’s Play Minecraft
This show, a weekly feature on production company Rooster Teeth’s channel, is a personal favorite of mine. The show really just amounts to a bunch of friends setting competitive challenges for themselves in Minecraft, but it is much more interesting than it sounds. The personalities on the show are outstanding, and with over thirty episodes under their belt, these people are seasoned veterans of creating compelling, funny episodes, even if they do tend to run close to half an hour an episode.

Recommended video: “Let’s Play Minecraft Part 3 – Plan G

3. Film Riot
Film Riot is a relatively unknown show, but it deserves more recognition. This show is specifically geared towards indie filmmakers, but can be entertaining to all. Most episodes feature some sketch comedy, some cool do-it-yourself ideas for making movies on a budget, and some very interesting special effects techniques. The hosts of the show are smart and funny, and have several very good films of their own under their belts.

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2. Epic Meal Time
This show is the definition of over the top. I love food, and this show celebrates food in the most barbaric way possible. Each episode of the show consists of a group of guys creating a monstrosity of a meal, usually involving copious amounts of bacon, liquor, and dead animals. This show is not for the faint of heart, but it can be quite entertaining.

Recommended video: “TurBaconEpic Thanksgiving – Epic Meal Time

1. Epic Rap Battles of History
Epic Rap Battles of History is pretty self-explanatory. It is a show where various historical figures and characters from pop culture duke it out in the rap battle arena. The show is incredibly well-produced, especially the music. The lyrics are also very clever, and I have caught myself singing along many times. There are many great episodes of Epic Rap Battles of History, so it is very difficult to choose only one to recommend. Honestly, I can only think of one or two episodes where I thought it could have been better.

Recommended video: “Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2.