The Mass Effect and Dragon Age Crossover We All Wanted

Fan art can be some of the most amazing stuff we see. Gaming sure does inspire people to create some epic art and this is no different.

Coming from DeviantArt user AndrewRyanArt we are finally able to imagine what Shepard and his crew would like in the Dragon Age universe.

This amazing piece shows almost every crew member across the trilogy including Joker and the Normandy in a genius way. The artist decided not to include Ashley or Jacob as he is not a fan of those two.

Entitled “Dragon Effect” I really hope that BioWare sees this and is thinking about how epic a crossover like this would be. The Chantry and Templar Order wouldn’t be ready for the masterful moral debates that Shepard brings to the table.


Click for full size! 3500×1552


Just thinking about Shepard and the crew at the campsite after stopping an Abomination trying to take over a Circle keep is tantalizing.

Plus, dat Miranda and Jack.

AndrewRyanArt made some excellent decisions here for character design. Seeing Legion and EDI as ancient Thaig creatures is awesome. The Normandy as a massive blue dragon is just perfect. Jack as a blood mage and nicknamed Apostate Zero just rings so true to her character.

Overall, this is exactly what I would expect from BioWare if a crossover actually happened and that combined with the amazing art talent seen here just goes a long way.

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