Is Zack Snyder Developing A Samurai-Based Star Wars Film?

It was reported earlier today that 300 director Zack Snyder was working on a standalone Star Wars story influenced heavily by the classic Akira Kurosawa film Seven Samurai. This took many by surprise, as Snyder has previously expressed disinterest in working on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII targeted for release in 2015.

Just a few hours later, a rep for Snyder said that the director “is not involved in any way with the new Star Wars,” instead focusing on Man of Steel and 300: Battle for Artemisia.

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, entertainment news source Vulture voiced their disbelief in the rep’s claims, citing that they have credible sources who claim to have knowledge of Snyder meeting with Lucasfilm executives about the project.

Whether or not either side of this is true is really anyone’s guess at this point, and we’ll keep the updates coming as the rumors continue to circulate the internet.

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(Source: IGN)