4 Reasons Why Project Fedora Is My Most Anticipated Game of 2013



First-person shooters are tired. And everybody knows this. Even shooter devs are admitting that it’s all getting kind of old. I’m not saying there won’t be room for them in the future, but they desperately need to grow. To become something more than what they are now. And Project Fedora could hold the key.

It’s very likely to be much slower-paced than modern shooters, and it’s extremely likely that Tex will never hold a gun at any point in the entire game. And players will be fine with that. In fact, more than a few fans would be upset if Tex did start shooting people with a submachine gun.

If previous Tex Murphy games are any indicator, the game is going to be incredibly story-driven, with likable characters, and most problems the player will need to solve will require critical thinking and puzzle-solving skills and not razor-sharp twitch-reflexes. The game will need players to be slow, methodical, and thoughtful to succeed. While for most of the game Tex will be safe, there will be segments where Tex will be in danger, and players will need to utilize stealth or act quickly – or both.

Like walking into Area 51 and realizing that something’s alive in there….and HUNTING YOU OH MY GOD RUN RUN RUN – dead.

It’s entirely possible that a high-quality first-person adventure could be the shot in the arm the first-person shooter industry is looking for. In fact, I kind of like the idea of a hybrid of the two. I keep imagining a first-person game where you’re a big-city cop trying to solve a convoluted case, doing crime scene investigations, questioning witnesses, interrogations, and but unlike L.A. Noire, not really shooting many people, maybe a few tense shootouts against one or two bad guys, until the final showdown. But even then, even if you successfully manage to mow down all his henchmen, you have to outsmart the final boss to win.

Done right, that could be a phenomenal game. Instead of being the nonstop rollercoaster of your Call of Duties and Battlefields, it could be slower, more thoughful, with brilliantly intense moments. Or, I could just be completely talking out of my ass. I’m just spitballing here.

The point is, Project Fedora promises to be a throwback of the best kind – one that can add something to the games of the future. I’m extremely excited about it, and I’m looking forward to seeing Big Finish Games knock this one out of the park.



Okay, well, maybe not as much as I wanted to be, I sent them a headshot and resume, but they apparently wanted their actors to be all “professional” and not “horrendous”.

But I did spend enough money on their Kickstarter to earn myself a number of goodies, including having a picture of my ugly mug in the game somewhere. With my luck, they’ll put it in a newspaper with the headline “Serial Streaker Finally Caught And Hung.” Which would suit me right down to the ground.

Which would be the ONLY time anyone said I was “hung”.

Now, does this mean I’ll be biased when it comes time to review it? Hell, no. Watch my videos again – I didn’t sugarcoat any of the previous games’ flaws, even my beloved Pandora Directive got marked off for a few things. And if Big Finish drops the ball, I’ll be rubbing my displeasure all over it, mark my words. But I was willing to put down a five-hundred-dollar wager that Chris Jones, Aaron Conners, and the rest of the Tex Murphy team won’t let me down.

And I’m really looking forward to having that faith re-paid in full.

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