Here’s What You’ll Find In The Dead Space 3 “Dev Team Edition”


With Dead Space 3 on the way to scare us to death and back again for the third time around, I can imagine most gamers are looking for extra ways to frighten themselves even more so. Since slowing walking down a unlit hallway with half decayed, mutilated human Necromorphs hiding somewhere in the midst doesn’t quite do it for everyone. In that case, be sure to load on up Dead Space loot and decorate your gamer cave with tons of terrifying goodness.

This Dead Space 3 “Dev Team Edition,”  includes many things that echo in classic Dead Space fashion, which is to say that you might not know what to make of certain things, and the rest is either too gruesome to think about or doesn’t make any sense at all. Scratch that last part, they make sense just fine if you’ve been exposed to The Marker for long enough. I myself have just been through a several hour examination of the alien letters displayed on its border in a close quarters environment. It won’t be long now until.. wait, my head hurts…

The Dev Team Edition is priced at $160.00 with the game, which may not seem all that reasonable at first glance, but refer to the list below to see just how much bang you’ll receive for your buck.

  • A Limited Edition of the Dead Space 3 game disc, with DLC packages “First Contact” and “Witness the Truth” already included
  • A nifty Tin Collectors Case, grimly decorated with signals from all 3 games and based on the previous work of artists Ben Wanat, who was the Creative Director for Dead Space 3, and Dino Ignacio, The UI Designer for Dead Space 3
  • An Art Book measured at 4.75″x6.5″ which features a beautiful hardcover and 96 pages, all in full color with exclusive artwork collected from the Dead Space art team
  • Flip Book/Data Pad with a metal cover and 9 images underneath PET cover sheets over cardstock. Once again designed by Dino Ignacio to resemble the Dead Space User Interface in the real game
  • A Journal written by fictional character Dr. Earl Serrano, including devious clues and macabre artwork of his research findings (Actually written by Chuck Beaver, the Story Producer of Dead Space 3)
  • A recreated Med-Pack, designed to look like the classic in-game version but instead built as a real life water bottle
  • Set of posters depicting similar designs to the in-game “older” age of space travel
  • Set of post-cards featuring various art of the Dead Space world with branded game information on the rear side
  • Last but not least, the best of the bunch, your very own real life 8″ hand sculpted statue of The Marker. This custom-molded, polyresin item is brushed with metallic looking paints of red, black, and gray to closely resemble the realistic horror of The Marker’s mystery



Source: Kotaku


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