Pokemon X and Y Starters May Include Psychic, Ice, and Dark Types

Venusaur: Grass/Poison

Blaziken: Fire/Fight

Empoleon: Water/Steel

Emboar: Fire/Fight


It’s rare to see a single type starter Pokemon anymore. Not since Gen II (Gold/Silver/Crystal) has a starter ever just been grass, fire, or water. In fact, there are way too many Fire/Fight starter combos. So of course there are plenty of theories that the three new starters in Pokemon X and Y may have dual types. We may just know what they are if we pay attention.

Let’s start with Fennekin, the most popular of the three new starters.


Fennekin – Fire/Psychic

Fennekin is causing quite a ruckus amongst Pokemon fans. So far it seems that the popularity vote goes to the fire side this Gen. Most of the forum talk seems pretty split between two different conversations: which type will accompany fire and how everyone will riot if it turns out to be fighting again.

That all said, I think we’re all in the clear about the fighting type. I can’t see Fennekin evolving into some fox that stands on two feet and I can’t see how a four-legged creature would excel at punching something. Headbutt, kicks, and charge moves? Sure. Oh god… I’m not helping. Moving on! No fighting types to see here!

I feel that Fennekin’s dual type will be Psychic. There’s a sort of majestic and manipulative design to Fennekin (which may explain why it’s winning the popular vote). I could totally see this fire fox pulling out some Psychic moves plus the type combo worked pretty well for Victini and this would give every player a chance to experience if they didn’t get the event Pokemon when Black 1 and White 1 released.

I seriously doubt Fennekin will just be a straight fire-type Pokemon but when I look at the rest of the types I strongly believe they’ll pick Psychic to back up the flames here. If that is the case, be prepared for quite a challenge during your adventure. If this is anything like Victini you’re looking at five type weaknesses against dark, water, ghost, rock, and ground. Ouch.


Froakie – Water/Ice

This one is a bit more concrete. During the announcement trailer we actually see Froakie use a move that at first looks like Water Gun but has icicles in the blast. This leads many to think that the Water/Ice combo (also seen on Lapras, Cloyster, Dewgong, and some others) is the most likely of the types for Froakie.

Thanks to the visual evidence I doubt there is any other combo that could be used here. For a while there were some conversations that Psychic may actually be put on Froakie due to the official art showing one of his hands positioned near his head almost like he’s meditating or focusing.

A Water/Ice starter sounds cool but honestly I think it’s a bad idea. Just like Fennekin, this will mean that Froakie is weak to a bunch of types; four exactly: fighting, rock, grass, and electric. That could definitely spell trouble or maybe just a challenge for players.


Screen capture of ice effects in Froakie’s attack from the official announcement.


Chespin – Grass/Dark

This one is purely cosmetic but includes some evidence in the announcement trailer.

Basically, a lot of talk has been put on how much brown color is used in Chespin’s design. That makes his model the darkest grass starter in terms of color palette. However, this is seemingly backup by how ferocious Chespin looks during battle. When using an attack, Chespin looks pretty damn angry about it. This has led to some theories that Chespin will be a grass and dark combo, much like Nuzleaf.

Again, we see a trend going on here with these type combos. A Pokemon with the grass and dark combo is weak to six types including fighting, flying, poison, fire, ice, and especially bug with four times the damage. If these theories prove correct, all three starters are going to be pretty tough to level up without an EXP share or picking and choosing your battles wisely.

Either way, Chespin’s obvious mean looks during the trailer give some credence to this theory but I don’t believe the brown color choice for his model has anything to do with it. If it does and they did it consciously to signify the dark combo, then that’s pretty cool. Otherwise, it’s just an added palette to a pretty bland grass starter picture.


I see a lot of validity in the Froakie and Chespin theories but the one for Fennekin seems a bit out there, even if I do think Fire/Psychic makes sense with the model’s design. I seriously doubt all three of these new starters will be single types so while theories are flying everywhere, it’s best to continue thinking of some combos.

As long as the Fire/Fight combo stays the hell away from this Gen’s fire starter!


Feedback: What type combos do you think the starters for Pokemon X and Y will have?