Far Cry 3 “Exclusive DLC” Hits PS3 On Tuesday

“High Tides” is the name of the newest co-op DLC for Far Cry 3 that no Xbox 360 owner will be downloading in the near future. This Sony exclusive DLC will grace the consoles of PS3 owners this Tuesday on January 15th, and will add two brand new chapters called Jailbreakand Redemption, which will give further insight into the epilogue for the co-op campaign.

The developer of the larger-then-life island gameMassive Entertainment,stated that High Tides puts a high emphasis on the co-op exploration of the jungle, as well as the “final moments” for the campaign. They went on to use key words like “bigger competitions,” “Tougher fights,” and “moments unlike anything you’ve seen before,” giving the idea that High Tides is a piece of content you won’t want to miss, and will be a critical addition to the Far Cry 3 co-op experience.



Source: Joystiq