Double Fine May be Interested in THQ’s Franchises

Tim Schafer’s Double Fine has requested THQ’s bankruptcy filings and may be interested in some of the distressed publisher’s franchises.

Distressed Debt Investments tweeted:

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A US bankruptcy court ruled earlier this week that THQ must allow for bids on individual assets and IPs. The firm had previously arranged a $60 million deal with Clearlake Capital Group, that deal would have seen the entire company remain as a single entity. However, the quick sales was contested by creditors.

It is unclear what franchises Double Fine might try to buy. EA and Ubisoft have also expressed an interest in THQ’s licenses.

Warner Brothers interest was also previously known.

Separately THQ have declined to challenge their delisting from the Nasdaq stock exchange.

“Based on review of information provided by the company, Nasdaq Staff determined that the company no longer qualified for listing on the Exchange pursuant to Listing Rules 5101, 5110(b), and IM-5101-1,” reads the Nasdaq’s filing.

“The company was notified of the Staffs determination on December 19. The Company did not appeal the Staff determination to the Hearings Panel, and the Staff determination to delist the Company became final on December 28.”



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  1. Ron Hoffecker

    When I think of THQ and their properties, I really can’t think of anything Double Fine would be interested in.
    Maybe they want to take a crack at WWE, Warhammer 40k, and Saint’s Row. That would be hilarious.

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