Biden, ESA Representatives Have “Productive and Candid Conversation” About Video Game Violence

Today Vice President Joe Biden sat down with members of the gaming community to discus what actions could be taken to help prevent tragedies like Sandy Hook from ever happening again. Being the popular scapegoat for causing violence in our society, Biden expressed a desire to talk to members of the entertainment industry (namely video games and movies) and get their perspective on what could be done.

Members of the Entertainment Software Association, a gaming lobbying group, were the ones to sit down with him and have a conversation. So, how did it go? The ESA’s own Michael Gallagher had this to say of the meeting:

 “The video game industry had a productive and candid conversation with Vice President Biden and his Gun Violence Commission today. We thank the President and Vice President for their leadership, and including in their discussions a diverse array of stakeholders and perspectives. We look forward to working with the Vice President on meaningful solutions to the issue of gun violence.

“We expressed in the meeting that the United States Supreme Court recently affirmed that the independent, scientific research conducted to date has found no causal connection between video games and real-life violence. We also recognized that gun violence is a serious problem in our country. We are saddened by the recent tragic events, and as an industry integral to the social and cultural fabric of America, we look forward to continuing our engagement with government officials and policymakers focused on meaningful solutions.”

While it had seemingly positive results, it’s anyone’s guess as to what this means going forward. Biden also plans to meet with other groups in the coming days and will present his findings and recommendations next Tuesday.

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